By: Steve Dellar | 09-25-2017 | News
Photo credit: Mir24 TV

Russian Cannibal Family Admits Eating 30

A family in Southern Russia was arrested today, after police proved that they had murdered and eaten at least 30 people in an 18-year period.

The pater familias, or in this case the cook if you will, is a man aged 35, named as Dmitry Baksheev from the town of Krasnodar.

He confessed to police that his reign of terror in the town started around 1999 and that he and his family have since then, murdered, cooked and prepared more than 30 people, keeping some of the remains in vinegar to store the meat for later.

Mr Baksheev would let his wife Natalia, a 42 year old nurse prepare the food after he had killed the victims mostly. He then took pictures on his mobile phone, which is apparently what got him arrested in the end as he had left it in a bar after a drunken spell together with his brother.

On the phone, other bar residents found many pictures of cut up bodies and human remains and one of the town’s citizens who had disappeared a few years earlier was recognized. Upon seeing this, the other bar attendees informed the Russian police who started an investigation into Mr Baksheev.

We haven’t been able to locate the pictures for you, but rumors have it Mr Baksheev had also taken some selfies with the dead bodies before cutting them up. Don’t you dare say these people are not modern.

The cannibal couple was also not wasteful. Whatever they couldn’t eat was stored in a freezer apparently. According to police sources, no less than seven packs of frozen body parts of three different bodies were found. The couple also preserved some 'meat' in jars, dipped in vinegar as is tradition in these parts.

In one of the pictures the police released a human head on a plate with oranges, beautifully decorated to secure appetite. It was dated 28 December 1999, which is when Mr Baksheev’s cannibal reign began.


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Anonymous No. 8667 2017-09-25 : 20:34

As one cannibal said to the other, "does this clown taste funny to you?"

Anonymous No. 8668 2017-09-25 : 20:35

As one cannibal said to the other, "Does this clown taste funny to you."

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