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Organ Trading And Transplant Industry Exposed- Black Market In Egypt

New reports have unveiled unlawful planned parenthood-style human organ trafficking network in Egypt involving 45 individuals who were arrested for illegally selling and buying body parts that had been harvested from humans. The illicit trafficking network involved nurses, doctors, various middlemen and organ-buyers.

The health Ministry in Egypt reported that the organ-running scheme is the largest to have been uncovered. A thorough investigation was conducted by Administrative Control Authority which is a powerful anti-corruption organization and Egypt’s Health Ministry. The investigation revealed that unlawful organ trafficking was taking place at all levels of the countries healthcare system. This included the public health centers and private hospitals, and at both unlicensed and licensed facilities.

The accomplices have been arrested and taken into custody for questioning while every facility that were used for the illicit activities have been shut down. This included some well-known practices that were run by very established physicians and doctors who worked in Egypt’s largest Universities.

The Health Ministry revealed that the accomplices were exploiting the economic situation of some victims and the suffering of some patients and their dire need for treatment to rip them off large sums of cash from them.

The authorities confirmed that the huge amounts of money that were at stake made sure that trade was existent. Millions of dollars and gold bullions were confiscated by the authorities during the investigations; it is believed that the foreign and wealthy customers provided the highly valuable loot.

This comes after the World Health Organization (W.H.O) named Egypt back in 2010 as one of the top five nations where illegal organ trading was taking place. Despite the laws that have been put in place to curb the illicit trade, health practitioners are taking advantage of patients as they look into making fast loot. The United Nations reported that the hundreds of organs are sold annually mostly livers and kidneys. Adding that the poor folks sell their organs as they strive to pay debts and buy food.

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