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Indiana Man, Fed Up with Drug Epidemic, Sees Druggie Shooting Up Heroin and Attacks with an Ax

There's vigilante justice, and there's outrage rage, and in the case of an Indiana man fed up with the local heroin epidemic flooding his neighborhood; you can decide the difference.

Dante Jewell is a Bloomington, Indiana man who's lived in the city most of his life.

In the past decade, however, the city has lost most of its manufacturing and jobs which is the case all across the rust belt including the Midwest and New England states.

During that same time period a barbaric drug epidemic has flooded the streets of the inner cities, rural communities, and everywhere in between as Heroin has become so prevalent there are drug users shooting up the drugs right out in open public in front of children.

There are cities that are plagued so badly that you cannot walk the streets without encountering hundreds of used syringes, from all of the drug abuse.

That's why Dante Jewell was beyond fed up, that and the fact that he was a former Narcotics Anonymous counselor who had witnessed the worst of the decrepit society around him.

He says he was out on his balcony, enjoying the autumn skies when he saw a Ford Ranger truck pull up in front of his house.

As he watched, he saw the driver shooting up heroin in the front seat and he called the police. When they didn't arrive he became enraged and took action himself.

He went down and approached the driver, who screamed profanities at Jewell and then tried to hit him with the needle end of the syringe.

“I just wasn't having it,” said Jewell. He then grabbed an Ax from inside of his home and began to attack the vehicle.

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He says he struck the windshield, the headlight, and the driver's side mirror before the driver sped away and police showed up.

Jewell says he told the police the truth. The driver of the vehicle also went down the road and tossed out his drugs then called the police.

He later returned to the scene, and police searched his vehicle and couldn't find any narcotics. He did, however, admit to shooting heroin in the truck.

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“I will admit I may have overreacted. I probably should’ve just scared them into his vehicle and left it alone. At that point, when you see a used needle coming your way, I mean it becomes about survival,” said Jewell.

Jewell also said, “Especially since in this unit, I know people, some people have kids. There are families that are trying to get by without any trouble. This is becoming too much of a nuisance.”

Since Police couldn't find any drugs or paraphernalia in the vehicle they were unable to charge the heroin user, and fortunately for Jewell they didn't charge him either.

Police, however, said they “will continue to investigate”, which most likely means they'll be busy dealing with the dozens of daily overdoses and drug-related crimes happening each day and be preoccupied.

“I’m confident they’re not stupid enough to come back,” Jewell said. “Yes, I’m confident I won’t see them again.”


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