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CIA Claims To Have Studied Humans With Superhuman Abilities- Hoax or Legit?

It’s every kid’s dream to be a superhero with superhuman strength. This is due to the Saturday morning cartoons and the fictional movies that many young one’s watch. However, this not just a fictional subject. There have been ongoing studies on subjects in China who appear to have superhuman powers. According to a report posted on the Anonymous website, scientists have conducted this studies for decades and the results have been published in various journals and books.

The report said that the scientist discovered that the gifted individuals may have figured out how to tap into a quantum reality that is not visible to the human eye. The report emphasizes that it is important to distinguish between our physical realities and our consciousness. However, the report continues to emphasize that both are real and share complex relationships. This observation re-emphasizes on Max Planck works, he was a German theoretical physicist whose work on the quantum theory won him a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918. Max Planck said that we should regard consciousness as fundamental and matter as derivative from consciousness.

According to CIA documents, the Chinese have conducted studies and documented quantum powers. Various scientist have delved in this complex field of study, such include Eugene Wigner who was a physicist, he stated that it is not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without referring to consciousness.

The Chinese government has conducted studies in the field of parapsychology which includes telepathy, psychokinesis, and remote viewing all this information is discussed in a document that contains events in China, it is called Chronology of Recent Interest in Exceptional Functions of The Human Body in The People’s Republic of China.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) made it possible for the document to be accessible. The document highlights some surprising information about individuals who are purported to have superhuman capabilities- this powers have been studied by scientist all over the world for a long duration.

The reports highlights that back in April 1982, certain student’s capabilities were examined by the Party’s National Committee of Science at Beijing Teacher’s College. Many the results from the analyses were negative. However, there was an exception of Zhang Baosheng. Zhang was examined by 119 researchers led by a scholar known as Prof. Lin Shuhang of the Beijing Teacher’s College physics department, his superhuman abilities yielded positive results for the second time. The CIA report states that Zhang was able to move objects in and out of a sealed container using only his mind.

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