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Woman in Middletown, Ohio Charged for Torturing a Goat in her Backyard

The Middletown Police Department responded to a call about a disturbance at a residence, they were in for a complete shock at what they would find.

They say that the woman who lives at the residence, Baloisa Trinidad, had been keeping a pet goat in her backyard, according to the emergency 911 call, and that the animal was possibly in danger.

"We saw him taking it to the back. We knew what they was going to do with it, barbecue it," said Timothy Graham, one of the neighbors.

Upon examination of the backyard, officers found a goat tied to a fence, that looked as if it had been assaulted and mistreated.

Police said the woman who lived at the home had recently purchased the goat from a nearby farm in Red Lion, and brought it back to the residence at 600 blocks of 20th Avenue in Middletown.

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According to the neighbors, however, the owner had been torturing the goat, even going as far as including children in the beating and abuse of the animal.

Law enforcement then contacted an animal rights group, Joseph's Legacy, who said that removing a goat from a home is not the type of rescue that Joseph's Legacy usually makes, but the goat is now safe after Meg Melampy acted quickly when Middletown Police called her to help.

"There was a goat that was bound by her feet and hanging from a fence and tortured. That's all I knew at the time," said Meg Melampy, the President of Joseph's Legacy.

The group then gave the goat the name Megan and took it to a rescue so it could be treated for its injuries and then taken to a farm.

"They either bought her to eat her or they bought her for a birthday party to have fun, and I guess their fun was to hang her and torture her," said Melampy, obviously in shock at the abuse of the animal.

"It was little kids that were torturing her and they were spraying her with a hose in the face where she couldn't breathe obviously," Melampy said.

She said the children were also punching and kicking the goat, according to witnesses, with the end goal of likely eating the goat as the neighbors had implied.

In the Middletown Ohio Police Department’s report, the family which resided in the home told police officers that they had tied the animal up after it hurt a child. Neighbors witnessed this and called the police.

"Thank God there's good people out there because there is always someone out there who can help," Melampy said. "She will either stay here or go to a neighbor where she will be loved for the rest of her life.”

Investigators say that Trinidad was issued a summons to court for being in violation of keeping farm animals in city dwellings and for cruelty to animals, with a court date scheduled for this week, September 27th in Middletown Municipal Court.


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