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UK University Nixes Study in Patients Who Regret Their Transgender Operations Over Fears Of Backlash

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A University in the United Kingdom has canceled a study into patients who regret their transgender operations because they are afraid of the backlash from the internet. A completely valid point that is simply not talked about enough is the number of cases where a transgender individual has a gender altering surgery and ends up regretting it.

Bath Spa University's James Caspian, 58, wanted to examine gender reassignment regret but his proposal was shut down by the university on the grounds that it could be considered transphobic. The study on transgender people was banned by the university's ethics sub-committee. Mr. Caspian called the institution out for failing to uphold "the most basic tenets of academic and intellectual freedom of inquiry." The rejection letter from the university told Caspian, "Engaging in a potentially “politically incorrect” piece of research carries a risk to the university. Attacks on social media may not be confined to the researcher but may involve the university. The posting of unpleasant material on blogs or social media may be detrimental to the reputation of the university."

Mr. Caspian says the project would have counted towards his master's degree in counseling and psychotherapy. He has been a counselor for 16 years and wanted to include individuals from a variety of transgender categories including women who had transitioned to men and reverted to living as women without reversing their surgery. Mr. Caspian told The Times, "Where would stand the reputation of a university that cannot follow the most basic tenets of academic and intellectual freedom of inquiry?"

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