By: Savannah Smith | 09-25-2017 | News
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Antifa Cause Trouble at Yiannopoulos Berkeley Event; Blow to Free Speech

Antifas who are afraid of free speech struck again as they disrupted Milo Yiannopoulos long-awaited speech at the University of Berkeley on Sunday.

The speech turned into a 15- minute rally with Yiannopoulos as the star, but he had to cut short the event amid noise from the Antifa crowd. Tight security procedures blocked many Yiannopoulos supporters from hearing him, too.

The university spent a huge $800,000 on additional security for the event. Only about 100 people were admitted beyond police barricades to see Yiannopoulos. The former Breitbart editor gave brief remarks, sang, signed autographs on Sproul Plaza with eager supporters. He existed shortly after the interactions with his security detail.

The university expressed relief that the much-anticipated but also feared event turned out “relatively peaceful and safe.” University spokesman Dan Mogulof said at a press conference: “ At the same time, it feels a little bit like the most expensive photo op in the university’s history.”’

Yiannopoulos took to social media after the event at the University of Berkeley to explain why he had to cut short the event, and also slammed antifas for creating trouble. He wrote: “I wish I had been able to speak for longer today, but a yelling protester made it impossible for any of our speakers to be heard (Berkeley refused to allow us any amplified sound), and Antifa showed up and I was told we had to evacuate.”

Students of the university had been fighting with campus officials over Free Speech Week, an event originally scheduled for September 24-27 that was canceled Saturday by its student sponsors.

The students filed a free-speech complaint with the Justice Department and accused the university of resorting to bureaucratic obstacles in order to prevent the event. Mogulof countered that the organizers missed crucial deadlines, as well as in providing an accurate list of speakers, and arrange with campus police for security.

Berkeley police chief Margo Bennett put the crowd estimate outside the plaza at 700-800 people.

The police made several arrests. One man was arrested by campus police for violating the city’s noise ordinance with amplified speaker, while five others were also arrested including two who wore masks and for offenses like carrying barred weapons and resisting arrest.

Protesters at the event shouted, “Hey, Milo, we shut you down, Berkeley is an immigrant town.”

Conservatives describe the trouble caused by antifas as another “blow campus free speech.”

Even Berkeley College Republicans president Troy Worden was unable to get past the security to hear Yiannopoulos speak while protesters were trying to jump over police barricades. Worden slammed the protesters’ inability to follow rules, especially since Yiannopoulos came peacefully and a lot of people wanted to hear him speak.

Worden slammed antifas and the danger they did to free speech. He said, “So once again, free speech has been shut down at the birthplace of the free speech movement.”


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Anonymous No. 8654 2017-09-25 : 12:11

These National Socialists aka ANTI-FA are the Fascists.

Their actions directly mimic those practices of the Sturmabteilung (Nazi Brown Shirts) that helped Hitler come to power.

Anti-FA is a paramilitary wing of the Socialist Democrats and are using disruptive protests, physical force, destruction of property and riots to enforce their agenda over others.

Just like the SA arm of the Nazi Party (NSDAP)

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