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Air Force Veteran Fatally Sucker Punched Over Slice Of Pizza In Austin

Last Sunday was just an ordinary day for 33-year-old Air Force veteran Marques Johnson who was celebrating a friend's birthday with his wife. The friends were getting pizza on Sixth Street early Sunday morning when witnesses say a man threw a slice of pizza at Johnson. He turned around and asked who threw the pizza and was immediately sucker punched by 28-year-old Nathan Marshall according to witnesses.

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According to detectives, "Marshall stated that (Johnson) smashed pizza out of a white male’s hands. Marshall stated (Johnson) came back and so he sucker punched (Johnson)… one time and (Johnson) fell down." The one punch combined with the fall was enough to kill the veteran. Officers say they have a video of the moments immediately after the fatal punch that shows Marshall stepping away from Johnson's body after he had fallen to the street.

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Detectives didn't have to look long for Marshall who was already booked in Travis County jail on a separate assault charge. Authorities added charges of manslaughter for Johnson's death and he is being held on a combined bail of $150,000. Surveillance footage confirmed Marshall was the attack. Marshall has a lengthy criminal record that includes five arrests for violent behavoir dating back to 2009. Marshall was also convicted of making a terroristic threat and harassing a public servant in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

One has to wonder if this man should have been in jail and not allowed to be free after such a violent past. Surely such a criminal record would warrant extensive time in prison. Apparently the 28-year-old was allowed to walk free and his violent behavoir finally resulted in the loss of a life. It is tragic for a service member who has served their country faithfully to meet such a senseless end. It is a grim reminder our time is limited and it may be over for any of us at any time

Johnson's wife posted this memorial on Facebook:

"You led our marriage by putting our family first and you were always there to greet me with a warm hug after a long day. Our life together was the best four years anyone could've given me,” she wrote. “I'm begging you,” she added, “please come haunt me every now and then. (…) I love you babe, always and forever."

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Anonymous No. 8635 2017-09-25 : 05:57

how the fuck do you die from falling from a standing position?

sounds suspicious, government coverup?

Anonymous No. 8662 2017-09-25 : 17:13

There's a few ways you can die from falling…you can hit your head, twist your neck or bite your tongue and have it swell. Thoughts and prayers for the family.

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