By: Steve Dellar | 09-24-2017 | News
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Gab.AI Is Speaking Freely About 'Hate Speech'

Gab, the social network which found itself in hot water this week by being removed from the Google Play store and launching a lawsuit against them for this, seems keen on proving to the world it is the only haven for free speech.

Today it has launched a topic for its own users, which is called ‘Speak Freely about Hate Speech’, and users are responding to the call en masse.

Subjects range from Piers Morgan’s lecture against a Model fired by L’Oreal earlier this week, the take a knee subject in the NFL today, the fact that Nibiru didn’t show up yesterday and that Google does allow Twitter in the app store even though they have quotes that call for the killing of the US President (as if that is not hate speech).

Gab is getting attacked from all sides of course, for one due to its popularity and secondly because it’s users know that it is the only remaining social network where freedom of speech still stands as a beacon around the hinges. Webster’s dictionary defines freedom of speech as the power or right to express one's opinions without censorship, restraint, or legal penalty.

And that is exactly what Gab is professing with this. It’s not because something is said what you don’t agree with that the other person doesn’t have right to say it. If on Facebook or Google all you find are people agreeing with you, then buddy you’re going to have a hard time when your first workplace review comes around, or you have a first fight with your girlfriend.

Criticism still exists. It’s not because you are hoping for a lot of ‘likes’ that whatever you say cannot offend anyone anymore.

People in the western world walk dogs, people in the eastern world eat them. For both those people that act seems totally normal, however when they travel to the other side and see each one doing it, they are surprised. It is time to accept that we are not all alike, and that everyone has an opinion about things, and that is exactly what Gab is doing with this.


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Anonymous No. 8592 2017-09-24 : 12:40

Would it be possible, that jewgle and co. push censorship so far, that there is a mass exodus to more decntralized networking like Zeronet and generally the darknet?

Anonymous No. 8593 2017-09-24 : 12:44

Not a question of would it be possible, but a question of when.

William Henwood No. 8604 2017-09-24 : 16:30

Appreciate the article

Questions need to be asked and answered

Anonymous No. 8614 2017-09-24 : 18:21

Gab is pretty cool guy. Eh opposes the dire threat to free speech and DOESN'T AFRAID OF ANYTHING!

Anonymous No. 8616 2017-09-24 : 18:23

Very true

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