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Bernie Sanders says US is "Complicit in Israeli Occupation", wants to Cut US Aid to Israel

Crazy Bernie is back at it again this weekend, now saying that the United States needs to rethink its allegiance to the State of Israel.

Bernie went as far as to call Israel an “Occupation”, suggesting that the Israeli state is somehow inoculated or shouldn't exist?

I'm not sure what he was implying exactly but it's certain to cause massive controversy and even more chaos than he may have asked for.

The controversial statements come shortly after Bernie Sanders had introduced his mandate for the single layer healthcare system, a socialized medicine approach that would have granted every American the same mandatory nationwide healthcare.

It's amusing for him to make such remarks because any chance at funding he may have had is now extinguished with such comments.

Bernie Sanders actually has a history of Anti-Israel comments in the past, which have caused him grief as a Jewish candidate.

During this new batch or Anti-Israel remarks, however, it came amidst questions directed at Bernie from The Intercept, which asked the following:

Question to Bernie:

<blockquote>But does he accept that the United States is complicit in Israel’s occupation, through its military aid and arms sales? And does he also accept, therefore, that the occupation of the Palestinian territories will never end until the U.S. stops arming and funding the Jewish state?</blockquote>

Sanders response was surprising, to say the least, considering that Jewish people do not recognize Palestine at all and say it's nonexistent.

Bernie’s Answer:

<blockquote>“Certainly the United States is complicit, but it’s not to say that Israel is the only party at fault. In terms of Israeli-Palestinian relations, the United States has got to play a much more even-handed role.</blockquote>

Question to Bernie:

<blockquote>Would you, therefore, ever consider voting to reduce U.S. aid to Israel,worth at least $3 billion per annum? Or U.S. arms sales to the Israeli military?</blockquote>

This is the clincher. Bernie Sanders said he would cut off Aid to Israel if given the opportunity.

Bernie’s Answer:

<blockquote>“The U.S. funding plays a very important role, and I would love to see people in the Middle East sit down with the United States government and figure out how U.S. Aid can bring people together, not just result in an arms war in that area. So I think there is extraordinary potential for the United States to help the Palestinian people rebuild Gaza and other areas. At the same time, demand that Israel, in their own interests in a way, works with other countries on environmental issues.” He then, finally, answers my question: “So the answer is yes.”</blockquote>

No President, since Gerald Ford has ever attempted to cut Aid to Israel. This is certain to put a cork on the top of Bernie Sanders in any future ambitions he may have as a Senator, and likely destroy any future political aspirations as well as reduce funding he may receive for support on future bill proposals.

This is also likely to please Pro-Palestinian groups who have often said Bernie gives “Israel a Free Pass”, which was one of his criticisms from the left wings Muslim donor sect.

Unironically, it's likely to receive praise from many of Israel's critics in the United States, who tend to despise Bernie Sanders.


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Anonymous No. 8589 2017-09-24 : 11:16

wtf I love bernie now?

Anonymous No. 8610 2017-09-24 : 18:02

Your law of return is revoked berde.

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