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Video -Singapore Celebrity Deathmatch .... Like, Really

Celebrity Deathmatch. If you are young the term may ring a bell. If you are a tad older, there are chances that you have seen it on MTV when people were still watching most of their culture via TV screens <i>whereas currently the chances that you are reading about this on a phone or laptop are far larger<i/>.

MTV showed the stop motion program from 1998 till 2007 and it was a fan favourite. Clay figurines would act out as sports or entertainment celebrities facing off against each other in the ring, mostly ending in a gruesome death.

Some boxing promoter in Singapore must have thought it to be a good idea, because yesterday he organised a boxing match between celebrities, Muay Thai boxing to be exact, and with a deathmatch result unfortunately.

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At the Asia Fighting Championship last night, held in the Marina Bay Sands Singapore, two local Asian celebrities faced off in a muay thai match. Pradip Subramanian, 32 years old (left in the picture) faced off against Steven Lim, 41 years old (right in the picture).

Mr. Lim is a Youtube sensation in Asia and was supposed to fight a local “Idols” contestant who withdrew at the last moment, hence Mr Subramanian stepped in to fill the void.

The winner of the match was Mr Lim and Mr Subramanian looked clearly shaken afterwards <i>as you can see in the final moments of the video when he is carried out of the ring, unable to stand on his feet<i/>. He was then rushed to a local Singapore hospital, where he died soon after.

Pradip's father explained in tears to the press that they had been unaware their son would be participating. He went down to the arena to talk his son out of it but as he was already in his gear and ready to fight he decided not to say anything.

His cousin, Mr Roger Rajan said: <quote>The whole family is in shock and no one knows, even them, how did he get involved in this fight. We are all confused. He's a bodybuilder and gym consultant. He's not a qualified fighter. We don't know how he was approved for the fight <quote/>.


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How did that fat fuck win?

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