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Student Punches Principal, Judge Orders Suspended Sentence Because he's an ‘Oppressed Minority’

A student at Murry Bergtraum High School, which is housed in the same building as the Manhattan Early College School for Advertising in New York was arrested and charged after he violently assaulted the Principal of the Early College school last year and the case has finally been heard.

19 year old Luis Penzo was arrested after the incident in which his principal, Matthew Tossman asked him to turn down his loud music on his headphones and he then threw the headphones to the ground so the entire class could hear it, and turned the volume to max.

Tossman then walked over to the device, and as he attempted to pick it up off the ground Penzo started throwing punches at the Principal beating him until he was nearly unconscious, leaving Tossman with two black eyes and covered in bruises and cuts that resulted in seven stitches to his face.

“He grabbed my Beats and was very aggressive so I lost control,” he confessed, according to court papers. “I hit him two times. ”

It's clear by the seven stitches, and two black eyes that “two punches” was an outright lie, but that didn't stop the cuckold Judge in the case from defending the thug.

The criminal teenager who should be in prison for his crimes attended the Manhattan Supreme Court hearing in a white t-shirt and red gym shorts, and never showed remorse for his crimes let alone offered an apology to the Principal.

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The marxist Judge Edwina Richardson-Mendelson then granted the violent nineteen year old Luis Penzo a “youthful offender” status, and proceeded to sentence him to a conditional discharge.

In other words as long as he stays out of trouble for three years, he’ll avoid a single day of prison and the crime will be wiped off his criminal record.

“You made us very proud,” the cuckold Judge said of the violent savage’s ability to attend a family therapy program, which was part of his pretrial conditioning.

“I believe you have promise,” said the Judge. “The court recognizes that as an ‘Oppressed Minority’ sometimes it's easy to overreact to emotion due to life's struggles, and the court understands you've suffered a great loss.”

The “great loss” Judge Edwina Richardson-Mendelson was referring to was the fact that Penzo had recently lost his mother due to a Brain Aneurysm, and that he may have been “acting out” as a result of his mom's death.

Seriously guys, if you're a minority you can commit a serious crime as long as a family member has recently died. That's the new defense tactic apparently and it works.

I lost my parents when I was 17, <i>I didn't go and rob a bank, or assault people, but instead went to college and chose to succeed without making excuses.</i> This is what's wrong with society today.

Penzo’s Defense attorney in the case, Donna Henken, has so far declined to offer comment.

It's a complete travesty and if I were Principal Matthew Tossman I'd be absolutely outraged at the lack of proper consideration for his injuries and the gross miscarriage of justice in the case.

Hey, what about that white privilege though?


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