By: Steve Dellar | 09-23-2017 | News
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Zachary Adams Gets Life for Raping and Killing Nursing Student

Rapist Zachary Adams, 33 years old and hailing from Tenessee, agreed to a sentence of life imprisonment plus 50 additional years for the kidnapping, raping and ultimately killing a nursing student, Miss Holly Bobo, in order to avoid a death penalty.

The judge handling the case, Mr C. Creed McGinley informed the jury that the defendant’s legal team had reached a deal with prosecutors just minutes before he was due to be sentenced;

Miss Bobo was only 20 years old when she disappeared from her home in Parsons in 2011. It took three years for her body to be found by two men who were out hunting for ginseng near Decatur County.

At the time of her vanishing, people searched frantically in the fields, farms and barns all over western Tennessee. At that time, Miss Bobo’s investigation was the most expensive in the history of the Tennessee bureau of investigation.

Even though they were immediately on his trail, investigators could not find DNA evidence connecting Mr Adams to Miss Bobo. It was in the end jail inmates of Mr Adams who told detectives that he had spoken of harming her.

The family of the victim, and especially Bobo’s mother Karen, said that her daughter had been a loving person who “appreciated the small things in life. She was the sweetest soul I ever knew.”

Also accused were two other men, Mr Jason Autry and Adams’ brother, Mr John Dylan Adams, both on charges of kidnapping and rape.

But ultimately Autry testified against Adams, telling the court that had merely served as a lookout as Adams shot Bobo near a river, on the exact same day that she went missing.

And so it happened that Mr Adams was convicted of murder, aggravated kidnapping as well as aggravated rape. The trail lasted for 11 days.


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Anonymous No. 8555 2017-09-23 : 19:47

An the DA has allowed the taxpayers to care, cloth, house and feed this animal for life.


@ about $130+ a day to house a prisoner and the Murder @ 33 will likely live to 40 more years (40x365=14,600 days x $130 = $1,868,800+) …, I fail to see how justice has been served and future murderers deterred .

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