By: Steve Dellar | 09-23-2017 | News
Photo credit: Sabrina Kouider & Sophie Lionnet | FB

Police Confirm Rich Couple Killed Their Nanny And Barbecued Her

As we told you yesterday, there was consternation in southwest London when police were called to a ritzy 1.3 million dollar mansion where they found a body which was burned beyond recognition. Neighbours were quick to accuse the mother, French-Algerian Sabrina Kouider, 34 years old, and her boyfriend Ouissem Medoun, 40 years old, to have killed their own nanny, French student Sophie Lionnet, 21 years old.

That story here:

Police have now confirmed that the charcoaled body is indeed that of Miss Lionnet and that the couple was accused of her murder;

One of the neighbors said to the Daily Mail newspaper: “My young son called out, ‘If you are having a barbecue, are we allowed to come? I told him, ‘no that’s not a barbecue, that’s a bad smell.’ I thought they may be burning leaves.”

Miss Linnet had been living in the house for a little over a year, where she took care of the couple’s 3-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son (The dad of the boy was a member of Irish boy-band Boyzone, he and Ms. Kouider split up a year after his birth).

But lately it didn’t work out between Ms. Kouider and Miss Lionnet anymore and the latter had contacted her mother to send 50 dollars so she could afford the boat fare back to France. She was supposed to leave this weekend but never made it. It is believed now that the couple murdered her, burned the body on the barbecue and tried to bury it in the garden.

Another neighbor gave more details: “I have not seen the nanny since late August. She used to come in with the kids twice a day to buy them sweets. She looked about 13 but was actually in her early 20s. A very polite, pleasant girl. She was French. The family was also French. The nanny has lived here for at least 20 months, she was here last Christmas. Last night I saw plumes of smoke coming from the garden – lots of smoke, not many flames – but just thought it was a garden fire. Then … we were told that the man was arrested and then his wife.”


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