By: Steve Dellar | 09-22-2017 | News
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Trump Nemesis Sadiq Khan Doesn't Care About 40,000 London Uber Drivers Losing Their Jobs

As we told you yesterday, Uber’s operating license in London will be revoked soon. That story here:

The online petition to let Uber continue operations in London reached half a million signatures overnight and of course London Mayor and longtime Trump opponent Mr. Sadiq Khan was grilled during an interview with our colleagues from Sky news as he is faced with 40,000 London Uber employees losing their job in 21 days from now if this decision <i>which will negatively affect the 3.5 million Uber customers in London<i/> is indeed enforced.

Mr. Khan: “I can understand why drivers and passengers are angry at Uber for not playing by the rules. What’s important is that we have in London a regime where private hire vehicle operators and taxis are operating safely and securely. It’s quite clear from the conclusions from Transport for London today, they’re not persuaded that Uber is a fit and proper operator based upon the concerns they have about security and safety. Those are the rules and those are the rules under which all operators must operate.

Knowing that he is faced with an online barrage of questions from Uber drivers about his decision, Mr Khan added: “This is not a position which is anti-private hire vehicle operators, it’s not a decision that’s anti-innovation or new technology, it’s a decision that’s anti-safety and security.”

Finally asked by the reporter if he felt responsible at all for 40,000 people possibly losing their livelihood, Mr. Khan was left looking for an answer.

Uber meanwhile reacted to the decision saying that the London council had "caved into a small number of people who want to restrict customer choice". It also added that this decision will "show the world that, far from being open, London is closed to innovative companies".

Since arriving in the capital in 2012, Uber became the ultimate replacement for London’s typical black cabs because of its ease of use and low cost, but of course, the Taxi unions of London did not want to stand idly by as more and more of their members lost out.

They appealed to all their council members in the London town hall and for the moment at least, got what they need. Whether Londoners will be happy forking out three times more on a taxi than what they pay for an Uber as from the end of next month remains to be seen.


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Anonymous No. 8540 2017-09-23 : 11:48

Stop , add 1 plus 1 here.

The Mayor of Lonodon Sadiq Khan is ___.

Most licensed Cab Drivers in London now are __.

Still wondering why?

Anonymous No. 8546 2017-09-23 : 13:17

Mr Khan added: “… it’s a decision that’s anti-safety and security.”

Good to know.

Taxi companies all over are lobbying all over to outlaw uber.

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