By: Steve Dellar | 09-23-2017 | News
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The Other Side Of Sex Dolls: Husband Robots

We must admit that the market seems to be overflowing with all kinds of real-life sex dolls at this moment. Last week we even published a story on a Chinese Internet venture which had developed an app that would let you rent sex dolls for a day at the price of 50 dollars. It seemed for a while there that women would soon be replaced with talking sex dolls and nerds worldwide would be released from spending lonely evenings.

Today we learn that there is another side to that story. If women are to be replaced with sex dolls, then, of course, a developer looked at the market from another perspective as well and developed: husband robots.

In the UK, an editor of the daily mail tested the revolutionary detail and took one of those robots on a date.

Developed by Adam Kushner, these robots can be programmed to compliment women on their haircut, order a dress via internet shopping or take them out for a walk.

Knowing that on October 6th the long-awaited sequel to Blade Runner will hit theatres and that this would create an interest in human robots again, the developer is now promoting his invention all around Europe and the US.

Mr. Kushner is not new to the market. He already developed the first robot receptionist for a hotel in Japan and at this moment has so many orders coming in he can barely keep up demand.

‘Travel to Japan or China, and chances are a vaguely human-looking robot will be directing you to your room. ‘

Many experts speculate that this breakthrough will soon be seen as normal. Love & Sex With Robots, a best seller written by AI expert David Levy claims that within 40 years from now we will be making love to robots. ‘Love with robots will be as normal as love with other humans. Robots can teach us more than is in all the world’s published sex manuals combined.’


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