By: Earnest Jones | 12-26-2016 | News
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Thousands Of People Killed In The Middle East By Fake News From The Washington Post And NYT

It’s unfortunate that the establishment in collaboration with the Mainstream media tried their very best to get the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to get elected. However, the American citizens had awakened to the fact that the oligarchist and the so-called elites have nothing in mind for the U.S. citizens, instead they are just in for their selfish interest. As a result the many citizens who have all their full faculties in place voted for the anti-establishment candidate who is now the President-elect Donald Trump. Following Trump’s victory, the establishment in collaboration with the biased media are trying their best to delegitimize the incoming President Trump’s administration. However, they’re doomed to fail.

Most Americans have lost trust in the MMS after the realization that the likes of CNN, CBS, ABC, and the Washington Post are infected, polluted and biased. The consequence of spreading fake news are just fatal. This malicious schemes from the MMS have led to loss of lives. The Washington Post and the New York Times played a major role in the apparent WMD fiasco in the Iraq War, this destabilized the Middle East and as a result Obama withdrew troops instead of leaving some residual forces in places. This led to the rise of ISIS since a power vacuum was created.

The establishment particularly Obama’s administration in collaboration with the Mainstream Media have blood in their hands after they led to the death of nearly 6,000 people in November as the ongoing invasions in Iraq continue.

The recent propaganda on Russian intervention in the presidential election begs the question on why the Hillary Clinton lost the election despite giving away 20% of U.S. uranium to Russia? The Kremlin should have preferred Hillary and hence intervened in the election.

The recent deceptive tactics that have been deployed by the Fake stream media clearly show that the outlets think they are entitled to divine monopoly on facts and hence they can have flung accusations. However, several critical thinking patriots have questioned the MMS, such include Mike Adams who points out to the recent trend that has been used by the Mainstream Media to spread the controversial Obama care, this begs the question on whether any American citizen should trust the laughable fake stories that these outlets are broadcasting.

There are countless examples of how terrible the MMS has been in spreading fake stories, perhaps the fake news that Donald Trump couldn’t win the presidential election is a good example of how these outlets are used by the Oligarchist to further their political agendas.

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