By: Earnest Jones | 12-26-2016 | News
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Mainstream Media Exposed By Independent News Pioneer- They’ve Been Faking News For Decades

Mike Adams is a renowned Health Ranger and the founder/editor of Natural News, Adams has recently pointed out that the recent events that have exposed the Mainstream Media are just a tip of the ice berg of what has been ongoing for decades. Adams pointed out to incidents such as the Washington Post faking news stories as he added that the Mainstream Media has been biased since time in memorial in a bid to further their political agenda.

The Health ranger has been a successful independent media pioneer who successfully started Natural News decades ago, the site has rapidly grown into a top-tier destination for information and news concerning clean foods, alternative health, holistic approaches to wellness and naturopathic medicine.

This is an alarming wake-up call to the ignorant folk who have been deluded by the Mainstream media and are just awakening to the fact that the corporate media is always out to further certain political agendas. This is a trend that has been ongoing for a while.

It’s unfortunate to awaken to the fact that the major events that have happened in history such as the JFK assassination, 9/11, Oklahoma City were all sugar coted versions that the media broadcasted, in fact the media lied about almost all the elements of these major events.

Adams has pointed out in a video that the corporate media is a puppet used by the establishment for a long time, the mainstream media is used to control the narrative of major cultural, social and political events. The oligarchist are able to manipulate the corporate media due to the fact that there has been no major competition or sources that challenge the MMS until the emergence of the alt-media. There has been heavy reliance on the legacy media outlets such as New York Times.

The Mainstream Media has been exposed after its biased and corrupt approach in broadcasting lies and as a result, it has resulted in attacking the alternative sources of News. The Washington Post recently attacked a couple of hundred other news, information and blogs under the guise of Russian propaganda.

Adams clearly points out at the recent trend that has been taking place before the existence of the internet, he emphasizes on how most individuals relied on the few broadcasters, televisions, and national newspapers to get their news. He continued to state that the lack of adequate sources to challenge the MMS gave them an opportunity to invent the narratives and be biased. Fortunately, the alternative media is turning the tables and taking up the position that the MMS has taken up for a long time.

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