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Mexico Foreign Minister: 'Go Ahead and Send the Illegals Back' America: ‘Hold My Beer’

The Mexican Foreign Minister apparently thinks he was being edgy or making some sort of dramatic point to the United States of America during his recent rants about illegal immigrants.

The Foreign Minister of Mexico, Luis Videgaray Caso said in a public statement when asked about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the potential for America to deport them that if it happened it would somehow be “Mexico who benefits and America who is at a loss”.

Yes, yes, you have so much to gain from the folks who less than 0.9% of the 800,000 serve in the United States Military, and close to 86% of which receive some form of welfare.

<h2>Great News Caso, You Can Have Them</h2>

Seriously just let me call ICE, and give them a list of each and every one of them. We don't want them here, and in fact <i>they have to go back</i>.

“In the states, we acknowledge that immigration policy and immigration decisions, it’s something to be defined by Americans and Americans only by American institutions it’s the sovereign right of a sovereign nation,” Videgaray Caso said.

You're right there Caso, it's <i>up to America</i> and remember <i>America already decided we want them the hell out of our country</i>.

As we say here in the south, <i>”it ain't no mystery,</i> and that's why we elected the 45th President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump.

“However, we as the government of Mexico have an obligation a legal and moral obligation to protect and support Mexicans wherever they are in the world including the US,” said Caso.

He went on to suggest, “Therefore, we are working through our 50 consulates to provide advisory guidance and legal representation to those that need it. A case in point is that of the DACA beneficiaries, the dreamers.”

So Mexico is financing attorneys for all of the Illegals inside the United States of America? Sounds like foreign invasion and intervention into our <i>sovereign nation</i> there Caso.

Are you implying that you're subverting the Constitution of the United States of America? Interesting.

He added, “We believe it would be a big loss for the US and a big win for Mexico if all those young people many of them engineers computer scientists accountants that are not only well behaved but creative energetic leave this country. It’s hard to understand why a country would export an expert for free a human capital of this quality.”

Please, by all means take them back now. Otherwise they're going to be rounded up and deported.

It's sort of ironic and I'll keep saying this, that we have heard so much about alleged Russian intervention and hacking into 2016 America Elections without any evidence.

We do however have evidence that millions of illegal aliens, who are largely from Mexico voted illegally.

Where's the investigation into Mexican interference into the United States Election? Clearly the Democrats colluded with Mexico to try and steal the election, right?

Hypocrisy at its finest.

Fix your shithole disastrous country and stay the hell out of ours, thanks.


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Anonymous No. 8504 2017-09-22 : 21:10

This isnt a news article. Who wrote this? A 5 year old?

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