By: Steve Dellar | 09-22-2017 | News
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Amazon Now Allows All Jihadi Nail Bomb Components To Be Bought Together

Nicknames for Amazon are plenty. From ‘Earth's Most Customer- centric Company’ to ‘The most gifted‘, but that they could also be called ‘Jihadi’s best friend’ has got to be new.

After reports had surfaced last week that it was possible to buy all components to a nail bomb online at Amazon and have these items shipped to your door for a do it yourself terrorist attack in the heart of any major Western city, our British colleagues over at the Sun thought that the world had gone mad.

Surely the world’s largest shipper would never allow you to do that. There had to be some controls. So they did the test, and guess what followed.

Mr Bezos has indeed made a very efficient delivery system, also for nail bombs apparently. Amazon sold the journalist all the parts required to build the deadly nail bomb, like the one used in both the Manchester attack during the Ariana Grande concert earlier this year, and the metro bomb attack at Parsons Green, without ever even checking.

All ingredients were neatly purchased in one go for 120 dollars (a pressure cooker, an alarm clock, hydrogen peroxide, led lamps, and some more chemical material that we won’t name as we don’t want to put ideas in anyone head).

Conservative Member of Parliament Alec Shelbrooke commented: “It shows once again that internet firms aren’t playing by the rules. I would go as far as to say that Amazon is aiding and abetting terrorism.”

The Sun was helped by a former military expert to order and make the bomb. Military Intelligence explosives expert Major Chris Hunter stated: “The fact that The Sun has managed to buy all of this in one go is truly terrifying. With relaxed security like this, Amazon really could be considered the terrorist’s best friend. This is really nasty stuff. The Sun’s managed to obtain lethal quantities of these chemicals that, when put together, could kill dozens and maim many more. Looking at all the material acquired, I estimate you’d be able to produce a device similar to those used on 7/7 (red: the terrorist attacks on London in 2007) which were able to destroy Tube carriages and a bus.”

When asked for a reaction, Amazon stated that all items purchased were available legally and could be bought elsewhere as well.


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Anonymous No. 8485 2017-09-22 : 11:53

Hmm, let's check my cart one last time, t shirts, cereal, a new tv remote, and a nail bomb. Seems good to me!

Anonymous No. 8493 2017-09-22 : 15:29

What the hell is this shit article? Shove this nanny state bullshit up your ass. The solution to terrorism is to not allow muds in your country to begin with, not restricting the freedoms of others.

paul No. 8506 2017-09-22 : 21:47

please dont listen to this shit its a load of bull, it takes a lot more work then buying compionent to a bomb to make a bomb.

Haram Imam No. 8522 2017-09-23 : 05:07

I'm not a fan of Amazon, but this is stupid. Are we going to shut down every hardware store, too? This is the same thing the "ban all the guns!"people pull… They're more upset that you can get a gun than the people they empower with their idiocy. You know what is ACTUALLY unbelievable: That they're importing all that Islam, not that you can buy various things in the internet.

Anonymous No. 8531 2017-09-23 : 08:06

Bezos seriously doesn't give a shit.

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