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Middletown, Ohio Man unintentionally Directs Police to His Drug Stash

Officers from the Middletown Police Department were looking for a man who owed unpaid city taxes this week when they went to his residence to serve him.

61-year-old Charles Hogg was inside his home on the 600 Block of Crawford Street in Middletown, Ohio when he heard a knock at his door.

Apparently assuming it was someone he knew or possibly expecting company Hogg yelled: “Come on in!”

However, Hogg was caught off guard when he saw three Middletown Police Officers standing in his hallway.

The police report says that Hogg was in his bedroom, and became “very nervous” as the officers approached.

According to the Middletown Police, that's likely because on the nightstand beside him he has three hypodermic needles and a box of used syringes on the floor beside him since he was apparently in the process of shooting up narcotics.

The Middletown Police then told Hogg they were there because he owed back Middletown City Income Taxes, at which point he hysterically claimed he had a receipt for the taxes being paid.

Hogg told the officers that the receipt was in a nearby dresser drawer and told them to look for it, but he seemingly while under the influence of his narcotics forgot that was where he stashed more drug paraphernalia.

When the officers opened the drawer they quickly spotted both digital scales used to weigh narcotics, which is illegal in the City of Middletown to possess, and a used Methamphetamine Pipe that had residue from the crystal meth all over it.

It became apparent that Hogg realized his mistake, and he lowered his head in guilt, according to the police report.

What could have been a routine citation then turned into a multiple charge arrest for three counts of drug abuse instruments, drug paraphernalia, and a warrant for failure to pay city income taxes?

Hogg was then transported to the Middletown City Jail, nicknamed “the dungeon” because it's located underground.

Hogg is being detained until his court date next week where he will likely be sentenced to the Butler County Jail to serve a new sentence for the crimes, unironically paid for by taxpayers who pay their city taxes.

Police also said they've had several complaints about drug use and traffic flowing in and out of the home at all hours of the night, but that's nothing new for the City of Middletown which has one of the highest rates of Heroin Overdoses in the nation due to the opioid epidemic plaguing Ohio.


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