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Jim Carrey Conspiracy & Symbolism Both On And Off Screen Continues To Puzzle

The reported some odd facts regarding Jim Carrey and his strange public persona. Some conspiracy theorists think he is a part of the secretive global group, the Illuminati, while others yet think he may be on a secret quest to expose them. One image shows Jim Carrey with a symbol from Illuminati culture, the Moloch Horns. This is also a common sign for 'Rock On Dude!'

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More on 'Moloch Horns':

There are more than the odd photo or two, Jim Carrey's filmography is a blend of curious thrillers to slapstick comedy but there is always an underlying theme of mental instability. Some themes are similar to mind control projects such as MKULTRA. One movie Carrey starred in was 1994 film "The Mask" where the hero gets superpowers from a mask worn by Loki, a Norse god from ancient mythology. Other films that include odd undertones and callbacks seemingly meant to tease conspiracy theorists are, The Truman Show, The Dark Path, The Number 23, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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Carrey's personal life seems just as plagued by issues as his on-screen characters. On April 26th, 2018 Jim Carrey could go on trial for a civil lawsuit claiming he was responsible for his ex-girlfriends death. Cathriona White's mother and estranged husband Mark Burton are suing Carrey for his role in her death, claiming he provided the drugs she used to kill herself. Allegedly Carrey used the pseudonym "Arthur King" to obtain a medley of prescription drugs including Percocet, Ambien, and Propranolol. The story of King Arthur is known for its symbolism and hidden meanings.

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Jim Carrey has also tried his hand at painting, creating such images as "High Visibility" which he unveiled at the 2014 MUM Commencement Speech. He is also rumored to be working on a new film in which he would play the role of psychedelic pioneer Terrance McKenna. We may never truly know whether he is one who subscribes to the conspiracy theories himself or has a larger role in groups like the Illuminati.

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