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Maxine Waters Autistically Screeches Impeachment... During Eulogy!

Another day, another sign of mental lends coming from the left in Maxine Waters.

The woman who's infamously been characterized as likely the most unstable female in the Democratic Party (and that's saying a lot with both Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Hillary Clinton still battling for that top slot).

Waters however is back at it again with her nonstop obsession with the President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump, suggesting that impeachment is still going to happen.

Today, Thursday, while giving a speech before the Congressional Black Caucus during a Town Hall style meeting on Civil Rights she went off the chains again, this time blaming blacks for failing to <i>”back her up”</i> during her onset of mental illness in trying to impeach the President.

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“Don't come here and tell me, ‘Maxine, you keep on doing what you do.’ But when you gonna give me some support?” she asked. “How many of you in your organizations have said, 'Impeach 45'?”

She as usual failed to suggest what grounds she has for impeachment, but inside or her tiny little brain, that's possibly suffering from dementia, she earnestly believes that the President is going to be and should be impeached.

“Impeachment is about whatever the Congress says it is. There is no law that dictates impeachment. What the Constitution says is ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ and we define that,” said Waters, looking like she was drugged and drooling.

I would like to report that I'd be defending the Congressional Black Caucus here, but apparently they alongside this woman have both absolutely fucking lost their minds, as they gave her a standing ovation for this completely bonkers speech.

She went on to say, “Bill Clinton got impeached because he lied. Here you have a President, who I can tell you and guarantee you is in collusion with the Russians to undermine our democracy. Here you have a president who obstructed justice. And here you have a President who lies every day.”

She still failed to show any evidence of these continued claims of collusion with Russia, during her endless rants to the bigoted and racist Congressional black caucus who seemed to be foaming at the mouth dreaming of taking down an innocent white man who has Jewish Grandchildren.

“Thank God that the special counsel is beginning to connect the dots and understand Facebook's role in it and social media's role in it. When is the black community going to say, ‘Impeach him’? It's time to go after him. I don't hear you!” Waters said, raising her voice like an autistic rooster screeching for the morning farmer to wake up.

She closed in yelling, “Don't another person come up to me and say, ‘You go, girl. No, you go!”

I seriously believe this woman is either mentally ill or on drugs. She's really not fit to be in any elected office.

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To further underscore that she's suffering from both <a href="">Trump Derangement Syndrome</a> and likely a multitude of problems, this week she actually started ranting about Impeachment while <i>delivering a Eulogy</i> for the deceased. I'm dead serious (no pun intended).

The Eulogy was supposed to be in remembrance for 84 year old comedian Dick Gregory, who passed away recently.

“I’m cleaning out the White House,” Waters said. “We’re going to sanitize the White House. We’re not going to take what is happening in this country.”

She then went on with her derangement saying, “And then comes along this person, this person who does not respect you.”

“This dishonorable human being who cheats everybody!” Waters shouted to those who were there to mourn a death. “This dishonorable human being who will lie at the drop of a hat.”

You really have to ask yourselves, are the Democrats this unhinged? Yes, yes it seems they truly are.

I think they're a legitimate threat to the safety and security of the United States of America.

The entire point is that these Democratic women, whether it be Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, or the vile creature herself Hillary Clinton seemingly can't get over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the election.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Hillary: YOU SUCKED! That&#39;s why you lost, the end.</p>&mdash; Jonathan S (@jsugalski) <a href="">September 21, 2017</a></blockquote>

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It's seriously time to get over it though. You sucked. You lost. Enough said. The end.


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Anonymous No. 8442 2017-09-21 : 19:55

A quick look at the deranged looneys that are in congress and the senate shows many a mental deficit. We have or had Hillary, Weiner, Waters, Chuck, Maxine and Hank Johnson!! Hank actually thought that islands were similar to a raft!!!

What sane person wants to go to work with morons like those???

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