By: Steve Dellar | 09-21-2017 | News
Photo credit: Duke Energy

Great Again: Energy Companies Investing In Infrastructure Without Washington.

Whilst congress stalls everything from reforming healthcare to negotiating a deal on DACA, companies are not waiting for them. When it comes to infrastructure investment and renewal of energy provisions, they know full well that the administration of President Trump will simply deliver on their promises, and they are taking a step forward to that end.

Today Duke Energy, the Fortune 125 quoted company with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, announced its planned installment of 2 of its largest battery energy storage systems in the Western Carolinas, which accounts of an investment of 30 million dollars.

Mr Robert Sipes, vice president of Western Carolinas Modernization for Duke Energy, commented: "Duke Energy has experience with many battery storage projects around the nation. Western North Carolina is an ideal spot to use this technology to serve remote areas, or where extra resources are needed to help the existing energy infrastructure."

Both identified site are just the first stage of a much larger plan by Duke Energy for the deployment of energy storage for the whole Carolina region. Both plants will have a very small ecological footprint, cause little noise disturbance for residents and produce no emissions to the environment whatsoever.

The local council representative overseeing the projects, EITF Technology Working Group co-chair, Mr Ryan Doyle said: "These initial utility-scale energy storage projects represent an integral first step in upgrading and modernizing our grid infrastructure. Investments in energy storage are a key component to a more reliable and resilient grid. It provides a foundation for the expansion of true clean energy sources."

For the next few years, Duke energy plans a 4-megawatt lithium-ion battery system in Madison County to help improve electric reliability for the town. Even a solar facility is being planned to work alongside the battery system.

Duke Energy also note that Asheville and Hot Springs battery projects are an integral part of “a larger plan Duke Energy has to deploy energy storage for the region.”


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