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3 Muslim Women Accuse Imran Awan of Abuses- Bloodied and Enslaved Victims

Indicted former IT aide for Democrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Imran Awan is being accused by multiple women of abuses and the victims have sought at various points the help of Virginia law enforcement.

That’s what the police reports showed which were legally obtained through the Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act.

Officers discovered one of the women who lodged complaints against Awan as “bloodied” and was desperate to leave him. Another woman confessed that she felt like a “slave.” A third woman claimed she was kept “in captivity.”

The information of different women’s serious allegations of abuses against Awan came from Fairfax County Police reports obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group.

The third woman who alleged she was kept in captivity against her will is Awan’s own stepmother, Samina Gilani, who told the court that Awan invoked his authority as a congressional employee then to intimidate immigrant women, implying that he had the power “to have people kidnapped.”

Awan’s former co-workers in the House refused to give comments on the police reports. Only two from the nearly two dozen Democratic women-employees spoke on the matter.

Wasserman Schultz, the former Democratic National Committee chairwoman, refused to fire Awan even after he became a suspect in a criminal investigation by the FBI and U.S. Capitol Police earlier this year involving a major cyber- security breach.

Wasserman Schultz even defended Awan, along with other Democratic lawmakers, insisting that suspicion around Awan is merely emanating from a case of Islamophobia. The women Democrat lawmakers who defended Awan then happen to all be Muslims.

Awan’s own lawyer, Chris Gowen, who also happens to be a former aide to Bill and Hillary Clinton, has also slammed journalists covering the Awan probe. He made it appear that Awan was being merely used as a “political pawn.” He also insisted that Awan should be seen as a “husband and father.” Gowen, however, along with Awan’s other lawyers refused to comment on the revelation by The DCNF on the police reports involving allegations of abuses against Aman lodged by various women.

Two of the women who shared they suffered abuses in the hands of Awan were in relationships with him at the time of the alleged abuses. Neither of them, though, is married to Awan. The two women who called the police both lived in the same Alexandria, Va., complex but in different apartments, paid for by Awan.

Hina Alvi, Awan’s wife, also worked as an IT aide for dozens of members of Congress including Wasserman Schultz.

A Fairfax County police report also stated that a crying Salam Chaudry called police in December 2015 to the Manitoba Apartment complex for a “domestic dispute.” The investigating officer then wrote that Chaudry wanted Awan to leave. The two had a romantic relationship but she wanted to leave Awan and just go to a shelter as she has no money. She had two children at the said residence then, both under the age of 8.

The officer wrote in his report that Salam Chaudry seemed so anxious to “leave the relationship” and was crying the whole time. He also notice a small amount of dried blood that appeared on Awan’s left hand. He said to have answered that he got from a male roommate who was getting a phone from him. No other details were provided on the dried blood. Salam Chaudry then admitted wanting to get a protective order against Awan.

The other woman Samara Siddique confessed to authorities that her boyfriend who happens to be Awan “treats her bad and keeps her like a slave.” She was also anxious to get out of the relationship and was interested in getting a restraining order against Awan. She made the admission in a police report dated July 18, 2016. The police have responded three times to domestic altercations between Siddique and Awan that year, once even finding some injuries on them.

The third woman who accused Awan of abuse was his own stepmother, Gilani, who said on page 22 of this court document, that after she had called the police, Awan showed up and threatened her for calling the police. She even alleged that he bragged about how powerful he is and that he could do harm to her and her family members back in Pakistan and even to one of her cousins residing in Baltimore.

She also added that Awan admitted to having her phone tapped as well as having other devices meant to spy on her installed in her home. She also said that Awan always bragged the fact that he worked for U.S. Congress, and had no qualms using Federal Agencies to escort him allegedly on his visits to his home country of Pakistan.

Gilani also shared to The DVNF that Awan put her in captivity in her own house “for a long time.” She also alleged that he stored ill-gotten wealth in his father’s name, and that when her husband- and Awan’s father- died, she also accused Awan of displaying insensitivity as he was forcing her to sign papers giving him rights to his father’s money even while she was in the midst of grief over his passing.


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