By: Steve Dellar | 09-21-2017 | News
Photo credit: Portsmouth Police Department

Virginia Honeytrap- Internet Dater Beaten, Stripped and Robbed

Back in the day, when you were looking for love, you would go to a discotheque or a bar and chat up the girl, buy her a drink, get to know her, take her out a few times. All that has changed now, thanks to Tinder and all the likes, you can just swipe and choose. But of course with all this technology comes a certain risk.

Because my friends, if you invest some time and money into meeting a girl and talking to her, you pretty much know what to expect afterwards, whereas a swipe is just a picture with information on a few lines of text seen on the screen of your phone. And who here hasn’t lied about anything on their social media profile. Be honest now.

And so it was that a young man fell into a classic Virginia honey trap. Miss Aaliyah Thompson, 15 years old, who was outside in the street just in front of her home in Highland Avenue, Portsmouth, Virginia tells the story: “This man came running down the street screaming, 'can you help me, can you help me, please help me, help me? So I looked over there and he was naked.”

Miss Thompson went into her house to fetch some shorts so the guy could at least put something on.

The police was called so the victim could tell his story. Apparently he had met a girl online and was quite immediately invited to her house. After walking in she started kissing him and taking his clothes off (by the way, if that ever happens to you, then you either have the looks of a model, the wallet of a billionaire or something is definitely wrong. If either of those first two criteria is not fulfilled, you should run).

He sat down on her sofa next when he saw two men storm in armed with bats. They allegedly beat him up, took his clothes, money, phone, credit cards and his id.

The police arrested the suspects soon after: Messiah Silas, 21, Dalvonte White, 22, and Sophia M. Shadley, 21.

All three have been arrested for robbery, felonious assault and grand larceny.


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