By: Savananh Smith | 12-23-2016 | News
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Putin Blasted Obama, Dems For Being "Sore Losers", Sends Trump "Nice Christmas Letter"

Russian President Vladimir Putin blasted again the outgoing administration of the U.S. and Democrats, calling them " sore losers" for blaming their failures on "external factors". Putin said that things are so bad for the Democratic party that it has even "forgotten the meaning of its own name", and added his observation that President Obama's party is losing on all fronts that its leaders are looking elsewhere for things to blame. Putin assessed that the Democrats have

"degraded their own dignity" as a result.

Putin's words are still in response to the Obama administration's relentless accusations that Russia interfered with the U.S. presidential election to favor Republican Donald Trump. Putin took the opportunity in his most recent press conference to deny anew the allegations of hacking and election interference supposedly undertaken by Russia. "All of this speaks of the current administration's systemic problems", Putin stated.

What Putin openly admitted to, however, is the confidence he has always had for Trump from the start, even during the campaign when nobody believed in him, and in good humor, added

"except you and me". He praised Trump for understanding the mood of the people and for being determined to win until the end.

Putin also expressed his willingness to visit the U.S. under the administration of Trump, should the 45th President of America extends an invitation to him, as Moscow looks forward to the "normalization" of U.S.-Russia ties under Trump, particularly in the security and economic spheres.

The Russian leader also clarified that Moscow is not interested in engaging the U.S. to an arms race following both his and Trump's pronouncements on respectively expanding their countries' nuclear arms capabilities. Putin conceded that U.S. is far more superior in its military and arms strength, and that Russia is more concerned with other external aggressors, and not the U.S.

Meanwhile, Trump returned the good will by reacting positively to the Christmas letter Putin sent to Trump. Trump called it a "very nice letter" and agreed with Putin's thoughts for being so "correct". In the letter, Putin underscores anew his hopes for the U.S and Russia to act in a " constructive and pragmatic manner to ensure the stability and security of the world".

Trump echoed the sentiments of Putin on his interest in building better bilateral cooperation and new level of U.S.-Russia relations as he also wishes for both sides to be able to " live up to the thoughts, and we do not have to travel an alternative path".

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