By: Savannah Smith | 09-20-2017 | News
Photo credit: South West News Service

Naughty Parrot Orders Online Via Amazon Without Owner’s Consent

Another “talent” can be added to the things one amazing pet parrot can do. Not only can it mimic voices and churn out phrases and statements, apparently it can also do online shopping successfully.

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A pet parrot managed to place an order on online shopping by imitating its owner on a voice-controlled smart speaker. Named Buddy, the parrot ordered a set of gift boxes via Amazon’s Alexa voice-controlled system worth around 10 euros.

The owner Corienne Pretorius sought to discover who from her household in southeast London made such an order on her account but she later ruled out her husband and son. It later dawned on her that the culprit for the unauthorized online purchase was no other than her beloved pet parrot. This she realized after hearing Buddy interact with the speaker.

Users can typically shout commands to the Amazon Echo speaker to access a host of services. It promptly responds to the name Alexa.

Buddy squawked “Alexa!” and the device next to his cage lights up in blue, indicating that it is anticipating commands. Buddy said “Alexa!” and some unintelligible murmurs, which the machine replied: “What is it you want to order?”

South African Pretorius was later shocked to get a notification that an order had been placed for some golden gift boxes. She said: “I couldn’t believe it when I realized that Buddy had made an Amazon order.”

The pet owner added: “I laughed out loud because I knew then that it was Buddy.”

For its mischief, it is obvious Buddy is lucky and so beloved that its owner is more amused than pissed with its shopping adventure. Pretorius said: “Buddy is hilarious.We have a cat and he mimics that, too. He is such an attention-seeker. He also swears in Afrikaans. When we go to bed, he says ‘goodnight’.”

Amazon said customers are always asked to confirm any purchase by saying “yes”, and the settings can be adjusted to turn off voice purchasing. It is not clear whether Amazon has canceled the purchase made by Buddy.


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