By: Savannah Smith | 09-20-2017 | News
Photo credit: The Sun

North Korea’s Sins Piling Up; It Even Owes NYC $156K Unpaid Parking Tickets

North Korea does not only owe the world, especially the U.S. allies in the Asian region affected by its nuclear arms ambitions, but apparently the rogue nation even has a significant debt in parking tickets to New York City.

A new investigative report says the rogue nation has accumulated debt in parking tickets to the United Nations comprising 1,300 unpaid tickets dating back to the 1990s.

A 2002 memorandum of understanding between New York City and the State Department says the city has the authority to withhold diplomatic parking decals if a vehicle gathers three or more unpaid tickets. Majority of North Korea’s parking debt, however, occurred before 2002 when North Korea’s diplomatic vehicles routinely accrued parking violations, but got away with no punishment.

But New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration says past sins are not forgotten, and much less forgiven. Parking tickets prior to 2002 owed by diplomatic delegations must still be paid in full.

Pyongyang still owes New York City over $156,000 in unpaid parking tickets. But it seems even with the issue of unpaid parking tickets, North Korea wishes to be contentious and hostile. Jong Jo, secretary of North Korea’s UN mission, disputes the charges.

Jo said: “It is false. Whenever we have a ticket, we pay. Because you know, if we have three tickets the city does not allow us to renew their permission.”

As for the part of the State Department, it underscores that the Trump administration is taking the matters seriously. Given the tensions with the rogue state, the Trump government is cautioning police to manage the issue more delicately as any perceived mistreatment of consular personnel could effect have a direct effect on the treatment of US diplomatic and consular personnel serving abroad.

As it is, North Korea has some companions in delinquent New York city parking tickets as China and Syria also owe the city over $300,000 in unpaid parking tickets. Russia has over $100,000 in debts, too while Iran owes the city up to $184,987 in unpaid parking fees, too.

There is no clear directive yet if licenses of those who have unpaid accounts have been suspended or if any other disciplinary action has been taken.


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