By: Sanya Carter | 12-23-2016 | News

Pope Warns Media To Stop Spreading Fake News: CNN Is The Devil

The man from the Vatican has called out on CNN. The Pope Francis referred to one of the very explicit commandments in the bible which states that one should not bear false witness or simply don't lie. The commandment is the second last in the twin tablets that were brought down from Mount Sinai by Moses.

The Pontiff has warned the mainstream media of spreading fake news as he pointed out that it's a sin, this was reported by Yahoo news. The Pope pointed out that stating false things about politicians is an absolute taboo and totally unacceptable. The beast media crowd came under heavy criticism from the Pope as he used mighty words against the polluted and corrupted mainstream media.

Pope Francis stated that spreading misinformation and disgraceful reporting is one of the greatest damages that the media is doing. The Pope used the term coprophilia to highlight the effects that lying reporters have on the viewers. The term coprophilia means getting aroused by filth.

The Pope is genuine about his concerns on what has recently been happening. It's no surprise that the mainstream media is a total sell out to the interest of the oligarchist and the corporate media. Like any citizen who has all the full faculties in place, the Pope is calling out for the mainstream media to be transparent and clear about what they are reporting on. He added that slandering people is an offence and no one has the right to do that.

CNN quoted Pope Francis when he was speaking of social walls and false prophets. They wrote that Pope's remarks were a thinly veiled stab at Mr. Trump's intent to build a wall and curb the open border menace.

It's such an oxymoron that the Pope was disseminating his judgement against the CNN lies while there were reports from the Catholic Herald highlighting the new guidelines that individuals who yearn to join the priesthood should follow. The Congregation for Clergy requires that the individuals should be well versed in the study of climate change and other environmental threats.

In other words, the Pope is attacking the mainstream media on the grounds of the many lies that they spread while him and the Catholic Church are advancing and supporting the biggest hoax and fraud in the history of science- that carbon use and man cause global warming.

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