By: Savannah Smith | 09-20-2017 | News
Photo credit: Georgia DOC

Georgia Inmate Set to Die by Lethal Injection Has Requested for Last Meal

A 59-year-old Georgia inmate sentenced to die by lethal injection next week has already ordered his last meal on Tuesday. He has specified his desire for three spicy chicken breast, roast beef sandwich with sauce, fish sandwich, tater logs, onion rings, apple pie, and a vanilla milkshake.

Keith Leroy Tharpe was given the death sentence in 1991 for the malice murder of Jacquelin Freeman and the kidnapping of his estranged wife. It is not clear how Freeman and the unnamed estranged wife are related.

Court documents say that Thapre repeatedly threatened his wife and also her family after she left him. One morning in September that year while Thapre’s wife and Freeman were on their way to work, Tharpe used his car to force his wife off the road. Then he got out of his car, and armed with a shotgun, he forced Freeman to the back of the vehicle and then shot her twice.

Thapre then kidnapped his estranged wife and horrifically raped her.

There is still no reaction from the estranged wife and Freeman’s family about the scheduled execution of Thapre for his crimes.

His execution is set on eptember 26 at 7 p.m. at the Jackson County Prison. Condemned inmates are normally granted requests for their preferred last meals.

Tharpe will become the 48th inmate to die by lethal injection in Georgia. Since the reinstatement of the death penalty by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1976, 69 men and one woman have been executed in Georgia.

There is no word if a last-minute execution stay will be appealed by Tharpe’s lawyers, and on what grounds in case. Or if they will simply let justice takes its course and wait for the execution to be carried out without a glitch.


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Anonymous No. 8376 2017-09-20 : 13:38

That's a lot of food to eat right before a procedure that makes you shit your pants.

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