By: Nichole Lopez | 12-23-2016 | News

Dems Donor paid $3.5M for the Recount: Trump Gains 131 Votes in Wisconsin

The democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is an outstanding loser in the political arena, having lost four times with two bids to the White House. The Democratic donors played their cards wrong when their efforts ended up being counterproductive and instead of working in favor of their candidate, they helped Mr. Trump to extend his popular vote in Wisconsin over his bested opponent in the much intense presidential race.

The Wisconsin State Journal newspaper issued a report that revealed that the Jill Stein recount of votes in the Wisconsin state gave Donald Trump a whooping additional 131 votes and consequently this extended his lead over Hillary Clinton. This explains why Mr. Trump solidified his Electoral College votes to secure his victory.

The Wisconsin Newspaper also reported that there was a net change of 1,769 additional votes that were counted, which is about 0.06 percent of the more than 2.9 million that was cast. This was more than the previous statewide recount which took place back in 2011 where the State Supreme Court contest gave an extra 1,233 votes from the 1.5 million ballots in that state.

This simply implies that Mr. Trump gained an additional 837 votes compared to the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton who only gained 706 votes. This gave the President-elect victory in Wisconsin and as a result he broke the record for being the first candidate to secure victory in the State since the late 1980s with a total of 22,308 votes.

The chairman of the Wisconsin Election Commission Mark, Thomsen made a statement in which he pointed out that completing the recount was a great challenge. However, he added that the real winners were the voters. Mr. Thomsen also emphasized that the recount gave the voters additional confidence in Wisconsin's election results since the results were a reflection of the will of the people despite the method used to count the votes.

The Wisconsin Election Commission had issued an order to the clerks urging them to ensure that their recounts were completed by 8 p.m. Dec 12. This would ensure that the results could be certified the following day.

Jill Stein of the Green Party paid an estimated $3.5 million which was required to conduct the recount. This launched the 3 million votes recount on the 1st of Dec. However, the actual cost that was incurred will not be disclosed until a few more weeks as pointed out by Reid Magney, the commission spokesman. Jill Stein will be responsible for paying any additional cost that was incurred while she will be refunded any amount under the $3.5 million mark.

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