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India Claims Pakistan Is ‘Colluding With North Korea’

At the United Nations yesterday, the Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj held a meeting with US secretary of State Rex Tillerson who, due to the information that India was giving, also invited his Japanese counterpart, Taro Kono.

During this meeting, India informed the US and Japan that Pakistan is colluding with North Korea to develop nuclear weapons.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson, Mr. Raveesh Kumar told reporters present afterward: “External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj deplored North Korea’s recent actions and stated that its proliferation linkages must be explored and those involved must be held accountable.”

Pakistan was not mentioned directly but the Indian spokesperson state that he would provide " you enough material to try to figure out what we are talking about”. We have very clearly mentioned that we not only deplore North Korea’s recent actions but also stated that its proliferation linkages must be explored and those involved be held accountable.

“We have spelt out what these heads mean on security the ministers emphasized the need to ensure freedom of navigation respect for international law and peaceful resolution of disputes.”

India and Pakistan are arch enemies due to their brutal separation in 1947 in which more than a million people died. Furthermore, they are both nuclear powers. As the Trump administration has criticized Pakistan already on multiple occasions, it is of course of strategic importance that India positions itself on the right part in this global conflict.

The accusations against Pakistan selling nuclear knowledge to terrorist countries in the region are not new. Upon his arrest in 2004, Mr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, who used to run Pakistan’s nuclear program, admitted that Pakistan had tried to sell the nuclear weapons science to Libya, Iran and North Korea, but his statements have always remained in doubt.

Just yesterday, during his maiden address at the UN General Assembly, President Donald Trump told world leaders that Pakistan is supporting "agents of chaos."


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