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Video - UK Military Takes Out ISIS Executioners With Drone Strike

The UK politicians are in dire need of some good PR apparently. After they have been called out by the public over the apparent cockup in the metro bomb last week where the terrorists were known to the police, they have now decided to give access to one of the biggest British news sites, the daily mail, to access the Ministry of Defense videos so that Britain can show the public how many terrorist attacks it is in fact preventing.

Our latest updates on the London bombing can be found here:

Whether it will help, we don’t know, but that the strike video is quite cool, that we can agree.

You will see the dramatic moment the UK’s air force use a drone controlled missile to stop ISIS holding a public execution some 2,000 miles away from where the machine is being operated.

The operational center of the drone is located in Waddington, Lincolnshire whilst the deadly machine flies high over Syrian territory. On the ground, you will see a large group of ISIS fighters getting ready for another gruesome execution and an ISIS sniper is watching overhead to shoot anyone from the public who tries to rebel against the notorious death cult.

The drone flies over Syrian town of Abu Kamal and waits till two chained prisoners are brought in front of the guards before it strikes a single hellfire rocket on the target.

Military command ordering the go-ahead for the final strike was safely sitting in the nearby Al Udeid air base in Qatar.

Air Force Commander Johnny Stringer, who oversees drone operations in Iraq and Syria for the British forces, said: 'The individual who we engaged was a sniper in over-watch to shoot civilians who sought to move away from the execution, let alone to protect the planned execution itself. That particular example for us very much brought it home because civilians had been herded in, forced literally at gunpoint, to go and watch this going on in their hundreds.'


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Anonymous No. 8369 2017-09-20 : 13:12

Some mixed feelings here…

It is great that the missile took out the ISIS a-holes. But its a missile dropped into a admittedly heavily crowded area of forced innocent bystanders.

Given the accuracy of these drones, maybe a smaller, or one of the remotely tune-able detention yield warheads next time????

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