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Trump Supporter College Student Reports Criminal Illegal Alien to ICE, School Expelled Him

In a blatant act of betrayal to the American people, Transylvania University has expelled a Trump Supporter who attended their campus for trying to ensure that law and order existed in America.

The Student, Taylor Ragg, said that a woman who spoke poor English was bragging on campus about how she was an illegal alien, and he was raised to respect American laws; so he felt obligated to perform his civic duty and report her to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The plot only thickens from there, the woman, who is a <i>Federal Criminal, a Foreign Invader, a Fugitive from law enforcement and justice</i>, was able to get the school to side with her.

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Spokeswoman for Transylvania University, Michele Sparks, said that the Senior Taylor Ragg “Left campus following a grievance process performed by school administrators”, and then has the audacity to cite <i>federal privacy laws</i> in her refusal to confirm or deny that Taylor Ragg had been expelled or voluntarily left campus.

Yes, the spokeswoman for the University that assisted in aiding and abetting a Federal Criminal virtue signaled using Federal Laws in her response to the question, even after violating Federal Laws in enrolling the Federal Criminal onto campus.

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I can't even make this up, the complete and utter disregard for the laws that protect and secure America is being blatantly trampled upon by these liberal degenerates which essentially is criminal, and they're harming Americans in doing so.

That seat in the classroom which was obtained by the Federal Criminal Illegal Alien could have been filled with one of the future leaders of America.

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Paola Garcia is the illegal alien who is in violation of Federal Immigration Laws, and essentially a fugitive from justice. She was born in Mexico City, Mexico. She is an illegal alien.

As if the incident wasn't preposterous enough the Federal Criminal Illegal Alien then, with the assistance of social justice warriors on Campus, put out a video using fake tears in some of the most disgusting actings I've ever witnessed to attempt to play a victim and garnish sympathy.

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You really have to be mentally ill to fall for these people and their lies. They're Federal Criminal Illegal Aliens.

Everything they do inside the United States is a crime. Driving is a crime, attending our classrooms is a crime, entering a grocery store to shop is even criminal trespassing, they're <i>criminals</i>.

To top it off, Taylor Ragg has been doxed by both the cultural Marxist own lügenpresse and his former University classmates and school staff.

Search his name on Facebook and you'll see dozens of accounts now trying to threaten violence against him and his family, <i>simply for trying to enforce Federal Law</i>.

It's absolutely disgusting. Taylor Ragg did nothing wrong.

In fact, Taylor Ragg is an American hero. I hope he sues the bank dry out of this disgusting school, and I hope Transylvania University loses all Federal Funding for enrollment of a Federal Criminal Illegal Alien who's a fugitive from justice.

We have laws for a reason. She has to go back.


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16 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 8366 2017-09-20 : 12:09

Fuck this gay earth

Anonymous No. 8371 2017-09-20 : 13:29

What a fucking joke. FUCK spics..

Anon No. 8377 2017-09-20 : 13:59

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Get DICKED, son.

Anonymous No. 8379 2017-09-20 : 14:34

She's been here since she was 2 years old, and speaks English just fine. Did you even watch her video? What the fuck kind of joke website is this?

Anonymous No. 8380 2017-09-20 : 14:45

Wow. I am working on finding this author. I have done time for going too far but people like people like this auther only understand strength.

Anonymous No. 8382 2017-09-20 : 15:08

Get packing, Paco!

Anonymous No. 8385 2017-09-20 : 15:26

Another example for thdisregard of federal laws by lefty college-admins.

The young man just did his duty by reorting an ILLEGAL alien and HE gets punished for that?

Upside down world….

And to the dude indirectly threatening the author: You have no argument & you want to resort to violence? You lost the "debate".

Anonymous No. 8387 2017-09-20 : 15:47

Been here since she was 2? Makes no difference in the eyes of the law. The law says she does not belong, so she must go. Feelings don't matter. He isn't your President because you aren't a citizen, moron.

oscar No. 8391 2017-09-20 : 17:33

It really does not matter because ICE already knows who she is because she is a registered dreamer. Although Trump rescinded DACA, she cannot be deported until there is a final decision on whether DACA ends or not. Even Trump himself said this. It all now depends on what congress does with DACA. There is a 6 months period in which they have to make a decision, if nothing happens then you sure bet she will be deported or if congress chooses to end it, which is unlikely.

In regards to him being expelled, I find it disgusting. He did nothing wrong by law, but whatever. Hope he sues and gets his money back

Anonymous No. 8466 2017-09-22 : 06:16

I am literally shaking rn

Trumpies are pure evil

Anonymous No. 8501 2017-09-22 : 20:19

Whoever wrote the article is assblasted as fuck.

Deplorabalis Parallaxis No. 8534 2017-09-23 : 09:15

She has to go back.

Anonymous No. 8583 2017-09-24 : 08:16

LOL! The curse of Kek is real.

DrTorch No. 8664 2017-09-25 : 18:06

Apparently, Transylvania U. doesn't currently have an honor code ( )

But if it looked like the one from West Point, "A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do." then it's clear Mr. Ragg would have been obliged.

What a sick world where having honor is something admins want to punish.

Philly is a toilet No. 8685 2017-09-26 : 03:42

Send every ILLEGAL back immediately. This kid needs to be given whistleblower protections.

I am white but an honest thinker No. 8966 2017-10-01 : 07:42

What these morons don't understand is that illegal immagrants are protected under college enrollment laws. She basically counts as a citizen because she's enrolled in a college.

I don't get why conservatives make such a big deal about this kind of shit. "It's illegal" so what? Conservatives do illegal shit all the time but if a MEXICAN does it, we've got a problem. She's been in this country since she was 2; you think a 2-year-old packed her own bags and traveled across the border? You think she made the decision to move as a toddler? People are almost as stupid as this article.

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