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GRAPHIC: Undercover Reporter In China Exposes Unlicensed Street Vet Cutting Dogs Vocal Cords For €10

Dog owners in China are being criticized on social media for the treatment of their pets after the video showing dozens of dog owners bringing their pets to a black market street vet to have their vocal cords cut. The disturbing video sheds light on what is apparently a common practice in the country that considers dog meat a delicacy. Dogs in China are often thought of as little more than livestock, even the ones kept as pets are subject to cruel acts such as the one in this graphic video.

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The unprofessional and unlicensed vet is named Zeng and was caught on camera by an undercover reporter as he ran his 'vocal cutting' service on the busy streets of the Qingbaijiang district in Chengdu, China. The unlicensed man ran a road based booth where he keeps his equipment, it does not need to be pointed out that the conditions were not sanitary and the tools were not sterilized properly. Zeng administers a local anesthetic in the form of a shot before holding the dog's jaws open with string and cutting their cords.

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Zeng was performing up to 10 operations per hour with the dirty tools. When questioned about his license, Zeng openly admitted he doesn't have one and told the reporter that he learned the operation from others years ago and has been cutting dogs vocal cords every since. The reporter captured this image showing dozens of vocal cords piling up on the bloody street.

Zengs vocal cord cutting 'service' is not up to code with China’s Animal Epidemic Prevention Law and will result in bacterial infections spreading. The world has taken to social media in outrage and is demanding the quick imprisonment of the quack vet and the owners who took their pets to them but considering China's treatment of dogs in general this is unlikely to happen.

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Asians don't have souls.

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