By: Earnest Jones | 12-22-2016 | News
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Facebook To Conspire With Corporate Media And Governments To Censor Anti-Establishment Speech

The world has awakened to the fact that fake news is an adverse problem that ought to be contained immediately. This has led major world governments to start exerting loads of pressure on Facebook to censor fake news. However, it’s important to understand the roots of fake news and who pioneered the malicious agenda to misinform the masses.

Its plain simple, the oligarchist and the establishment work in collaboration with their favorite puppet- mainstream media. The corporate media is controlled by the influential elites who decide what will be aired in the various channels that the media uses.

Having got a glimpse into who is responsible for this malicious acts, the next thing worth mulling about is what exactly is their intent? Well, the elites are down to enslave the masses and for that to happen they have to try their best to pollute us with all sorts of ideologies that alter the truth and affect our ability to think independently.

The world has awakened to this powerful tactic that the establishment has relying on to conduct its wicked operations. This realization has resulted in great numbers of U.S. citizen ditching the mainstream media as they seek to find the truth in the alternative media. In other words, the alt-media has exposed the wicked and malicious ways that the establishment in collaboration with the corporate media are involved in.

This has heightened the tensions between the two sides as the battle for truth intensifies. The establishment has covertly offered to help in the identification of false stories. To any person with all their full-faculties, it begs the question as to who will fact check the Associated Press, if the Associated Press is the fact checkers. Considering the fact that the Associated Press is always publishing false stories.

The German government has introduced fines that Facebook will be subjected to if they fail to deal with fake news in a timely fashion. Germany will fine Facebook approximately $525,000 for each hate speech or false items that they fail to eliminate within 24 hours.

The chairman of Germany’s Social Democratic Party, Thomas Oppermann, suggested that the only way to combat the plethora of fake news is to introduce a strict law with concurrent stiff penalty.

Mr. Oppermann added that since Facebook did not have a way of managing complaints, it will be inevitable for Facebook to build a legal protection office in Germany that will be accessible around the clock.

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