By: Steve Dellar | 09-19-2017 | News
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Coroner and Cop Caught Having Sex at Death Scene

A dangerous liaison is always a bit of a risk, a dangerous liaison at work ever more so, but if your work is a coroner’s office, it becomes downright creepy.

The coroner’s office in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains allegedly has been the scene of just that, if two lawsuits are to be believed. The claims at stake speak of (hold on tight): stealing drugs from a deceased corpse, sex between a coroner and a police officer at a death scene, an extramarital affair in the woods, an extramarital affair during working hours and, last but not least, showing your co-workers mobile phone pictures of a lover’s male genitalia.

Of course the local press is quite interested in the juicy details of the case, but the County Detective Eric Kerchner is very reserved in his comments: “Right now, it’s just an investigation into some allegations, that’s all.” He said the goal is “to get an overall view of what’s been happening in the past.”

If the lawsuits are to be believed, the couple that runs the coroner’s office is at the heart of the matter: Bob and Kathleen “Traci” Allen.

Bob is the County Corner for Monroe County, he’s held the job as coroner for 25 years and is up for re-election in November. According to Bob, all these stories about his wife are “all false, false allegations” and are simply timed to stop him from getting re-elected.

“Anything to make sure I don’t win the election,” Bob Allen said.

His wife allegedly is not too happy in the marriage, and has been trying to get into sexual relationships with multiple of the present deputy coroners at the station. When a pretty other female deputy coroner showed up, Lauren Fizz, the game is on of course.

Traci ups the stakes and starts, according to the lawsuit, sexually harassing everyone in the office, showing the personnel obscene photos of one of her lovers, telling them about her “friends with benefits” relationships and stating that later that day she will be “leaving work early for a liaison in the woods.”

Fizz’s lawsuit claims that Traci started a false rumour that she “had had a sexual encounter with a police officer at a death scene in April 2016.”

Because of all this, Lauren Fizz left the coroner’s office and is now seeking damages.

Whether she will get them, we will surely let you know.


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