By: Savannah Smith | 09-19-2017 | News
Photo credit: Henry County Police

Black Man Steals More Than $1k Worth of Cigarettes from Georgia Walmart

Police in Stockbridge, Georgia are looking for a man accused of stealing cigarettes worth about $1,000 from a Henry County Walmart location in August.

The police said the suspect allegedly stole about $1,120 worth of cigarettes from the said Walmart location on North Henry Boulevard in Stockbridge on August 28.

Surveillance video from the store shows a black man with a black cap worn in reverse leaving the store carrying a huge trash bag. The authorities also said he is believed to be driving a white, single-cab pickup truck, the same vehicle he likely used to get away with his stolen stash of cigarettes. The plate number of the suspected vehicle was not captured, nor was the suspect seen actually leaving with the said vehicle or driving it.

It is not clear how the suspect managed to pull off such a stunt without being detected. The garbage bag he was caught holding in the surveillance camera sure is huge. It is puzzling how he got the cases of cigarettes from the racks and place them inside the garbage bag.

It is not known if the suspect plans to sell or personally use such huge stock of cigarettes as his was a curious case of theft.

As they are working with very limited information, the police are asking the public for assistance in identifying and tracking down the suspect so he could be arrested and questioned. Those who can provide any helpful tip or information are encouraged to immediately contact the Henry County Police Department at 770-288-8252.


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Anonymous No. 8341 2017-09-20 : 01:59

Our general neck of the woods and a much better Wally World than most north of there.

NOTE: It is directly across Interstate 75 from the hilariously FAILED & Famous Gas Station attempted robbery, some months ago…. Where the Female clerk took the weapon away from the young punk and he wet all over himself knocking over every sales display in his path running out the door.

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