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Barack Obama Is Making Millions of Dollars from Wall Street, Media Doesn't Bat an Eye

The Democrats for decades have falsely tried to claim they're somehow the party of the working class, fighting for the rights and liberties of the everyday American.

For decades, that was actually the public perception of the party, while their policies when in control of government proved to be fruitless in the efforts of the struggles of the working man.

People began to realize, you'd be promised and told everything that you wanted to hear from the Liberal Left, with never any actual action to support the lies they would spew.

Hillary Clinton herself said that the Democratic Party has an image problem, saying that one of her largest mistakes (I'm not sure where you'd begin with that list because her mistakes are plentiful) was the embrace to big business corporations and Wall Street after leaving public office.

According to Hillary, her giving paid speeches amongst the globalist elite hurt her image as well as the Democratic Party, which is something Bernie Sanders proved to be correct as he battered Hillary during the primaries for her endless pay to play associations with many of the world's wealthiest playmakers in stock and corporate realms.

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At a time when the Democrats are still struggling in an identity crisis seeking refuge from the perception that they're corrupt and filled with greedy establishment types; you would think those in the party would venture away from those environments to restore their working class following.

Then of course comes Barack Obama, the effortless liar and egotistical maniac who's filled with greed and carelessness.

Barack Obama hasn't even waited a year since leaving office, and he's about to begin his supreme elitist speaking tour for cash along the Wall Street circuits, raising eyebrows within his own party as many Democratic pundits are furious that he would make such a reckless and inconsiderate maneuver at a time when the Party’s reputation is already in shambles.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">World: &quot;After Clinton/Goldman speech debacle, Dem leaders can&#39;t make themselves look any more chummy with Wall St&quot;<br><br>Obama: &quot;Hold my beer&quot; <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; David Sirota (@davidsirota) <a href="">September 18, 2017</a></blockquote>

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Of course Barry doesn't care, he'll gladly take coin from any man who's willing to send it his way regardless of how it harms the DNC as it tries to paint over its severely worn and torn image.

It turns out, Barack Obama is set to make an additional $1.2 Million dollars in his paid speaking circuit, from some of the largest elite financial firms on the planet.

<i>Hope and Change</i>, as in he hopes to rake in that large chunk of change to bank account.

Democrats were already furious over a speech Hussein Obama was scheduled to give in September, which is right before the 2018 election cycle.

That speech will go on as planned, funded and paid for by Financial Services kingpin Cantor Fitzgerald.

It looks like after that speech next week, Barry O- will then take his merchant game onto the road, where so far he's already raked in a cool $800k for his pockets giving two paid speeches to Wall Street tycoons Northern Trust Corp last month, and the ultra globalist behemoths known as Carlyle Group just last week.

Of course the media won't touch on those speeches, partially due to their favoritism towards the Democratic Party, and partially because the high profile billionaires who run the world stage which were at the Carlyle Group meeting is horrible press for Obama to the inner cities which are broke and poor after 8 years of broken promises from Barack.

The next upcoming Cantor Fitzgerald event, which is a three day Bilderberg-style meeting of the minds of Wall Street’s richest and elites from around the globe, will probably get little coverage as well.

Seems kind of odd, that a former President of the United States of America has given all of these speeches, and all of the mainstream media including <i>Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, CSPAN, and their respective ilk,</i> haven't bothered to air any of them.

That's because all of those companies, yes even the right wing stations and outlets (who have a couple of decent hosts I'll admit), work for the same masters.

Those globalists who own the media (and the right wing ones too) all support the ideals of cultural marxism and international Communism which is the Globalist mantra.

Make no mistake about it, <i>Barack Obama is their Saint and they never want to make the Democratic Party seem corrupt</i> (besides the Democrats do more than excellent job of seeming corrupt on their own).

For example, Hillary Clinton made a shocking 92 total paid speeches from 2013 to 2015 after leaving her post as Secretary of State, with roughly all of those to Goldman Sachs and Wall Street subsidiaries with a minimum fee of $225k and a maximum in the millions.

It's believed Hillary Clinton raked in well over $25 million just in speaking fees during those two years, which is mind blowing for a bunch of few minute speeches at a microphone.

Hey though, the <i>Democrats totally understand and relate to the working poor though,</i> because they say they do right?

Even Senator Elizabeth Warren said she was “troubled by” the speaking fees Obama is receiving. “I was troubled by that,” she said.

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Oh-Bama! That's right, President of the People, President of who Pays.

Funny, because Obama who claims he was so amazing and great for America do little to no stock index increase or growth on the Down Jones during his Presidency.

In fact when he ran against Hillary in the 2008 Primaries he would tout Reagan Era policies as being brilliant.

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However after Citizens United, those hedge funds and Wall Street playmaker actually had power over the Presidency, by being able to invest and promote a message to control the politicians.

Obama caved to those demands, and became a puppet to the puppet masters. Scaramucci even said this back in 2012 after four years of an Obama Presidency.

Scaramucci said he had witnessed the “activation” of a “sleeper cell” of hedge-fund managers against Obama. “That’s what you see happening in the hedge-fund community, because they now have the power, because of Citizens United, to aggregate capital into political-action committees and to influence the debate,” he said.

The hedge fund leader told the media that Obama "has a philosophy of disdain toward wealth creation. That’s just obvious, O.K.?"

Of course, the leftist press in the coming days are going to tell you that Obama is somehow raising that money for Charity, but that's just bogus.

Obama doesn't need the money, he has plenty. His foundation is raising money for a library in Chicago, and he and his wife recently signed a book deal with Penguin Random House after an auction that went above $60 million for the release of his print.

If you call them out on that, they'll bring up Obama in 2009 after the Financial Crisis and recession publicly calling for banks to be broken up, and say we'll he's somehow an enemy of Wall Street.

Well that's false as well, because we became a Socialist nation when he <i>bailed out the banks and the automotive sector</i>, and no matter how you defend saving those millions of jobs, we're no longer a free market when the government steps in and bails out industry.

They'll also probably not tell you that even after the crash, those industries of the automotive sector, and the banks; as well as other industries all had record-setting profits that year.

You see, those bailouts and those actions were intended to allow the corrupt bankers to continue to get away with the often illegal and most definitely immoral loans and schemes that put them in a hole to begin with.

They made a fortune, and through Citizens United were able to, and still are able to influence legislation and even Executive policies, regardless of what the Democrats tell you.

In fact they always want something in return. It's much cheaper for the bankers and investors to threaten to finance a smear campaign against you as a politician, force you to the negotiation tables, and cut a deal, then to drag out a long battle through Congress and lawsuits.

Unironically two of the speeches Obama has given so far (without the media coverage of the events) which were to Northern Trust Bank elites, is the same Northern Trust based in Chicago, which gave Obama a discount on a $1.32 million loan for a mansion in that city in 2005, after he was elected to the Senate.

You see how this works? You sign away your soul, and they own you, for life.

Some are concerned that he's using the podium to undermine the Trump Administration, by lobbying the will of Wall Street to bend policy in Congress and of the Democratic Party as well as the GOP Rinos who seemingly bow before Barack.

Jeff Hauser, who leads investigative work into political corruption as the founder of the Revolving Door Project in Washington, DC, said that Obama should play by the same rules as other politicians because of his ongoing work with the Democratic Party.

“He’s continuing to exercise the authority,” Hauser said, citing Obama’s support for the party’s redistricting committee and the push he gave Tom Perez in the race to head the Democratic National Committee. If he wants to play a role, “he ought to forgo a few hundred thousand here and maybe a half-million there.”

Other minds say that Obama knows he's committing corruption and just doesn't care, which to be honest, I'm not surprised if that's the case.

“Not everyone’s going to be a Jimmy Carter, who does purely good works after he gets out,” said Sean Coffey, a Democratic donor who chairs the complex litigation group at corporate law firm Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP.

He went on to say, “Obama is used to being criticized. I don’t think getting any grief for doing this is going to bother him at all.”

That sounds about right, typical Obama. As long as his pockets are getting fuller, and the majority if the media is under the control of the people lining those pockets, he feels untouchable.

I'd there's any granule of justice and integrity left in our government, we will watch that smirk wiped off his face, and the arrogant look right off the bakers faces too; when they finally face charges for the treasonous crimes we all know they've committed.

I'm not a defeatist, and in my mind that day will come, <i>one way or another</i>, because justice will prevail.


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Anonymous No. 8320 2017-09-19 : 15:43

Oh boy wow. terrible. Who cares. Waste of time.

Anonymous No. 8325 2017-09-19 : 17:44

Reading this made me dumber. Please stop putting the scrambled things in your brain down on paper and you'll be doing humanity a great service.

Stifler No. 8326 2017-09-19 : 18:00

Look at these two comments:

"Oh boy wow. terrible. Who cares. Waste of time."

Translation: Forget about Osamba saying that he would get rough on Wall Street. He's not president anymore, he can do pay2play. Waste of time calling him out on his hypocrisy.

"Reading this made me dumber. Please stop putting the scrambled things in your brain down on paper and you'll be doing humanity a great service."


My brain can't comprehend how Osamba is a hyopcrite. Please stop putting facts together, cause they are hurting my brain and it will wake people up from the corruption.

Anonymous No. 8327 2017-09-19 : 18:10


That's how Liberals and Paid Shills operate.

They avoid the facts that Obama is working behind closed doors to Subvert Americana whilst instead focusing on things that trigger them.

They won't debate the facts.

Anonymous No. 8335 2017-09-19 : 19:28

>8326 Who is Osamba?

Anonymous No. 8337 2017-09-19 : 23:48

Obama is based and fashy

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