By: Steve Dellar | 09-18-2017 | News
Photo credit: The Goldwater | The Sun

Facebook: Wounded Veterans: Not OK - ISIS Beheadings: OK

The evil empire of Mark Zuckerberg is being called out by the UK military.

In an unbelievable display, images of disabled people posing for an British Army charity banned whilst ISIS beheadings are still allowed to roam fee on the Facebook pages.

Former Air Chief Marshal Michael Graydon, who works closely with the charity, explained it was “extraordinary” to see the charity’s ads being blocked.

He stated: “Facebook should be allowing this advertising, as it is something to be celebrated, while redoubling their efforts to get rid of the nasty stuff.”

According to Facebook, which sent an email to the charity, the posters of people saying “I am Damian. I have one leg. I am a pilot” was in breach of their guidelines on diversity.

The official Facebook response: “Such copy can feel personal in nature and we don’t want users to feel singled out.”

We are therefore to understand that disabled people in the army are not ok, whilst if you do a search on Facebook for ISIS material, which our colleagues over at the British Daily The Sun did yesterday, that kind of stuff is still roaming around all over their pages.

In fact, many hundreds of hate-filled ISIS posts and execution videos can be found in two clicks on Mark Zuckerberg’s company website.

Double standard maybe?

As we reported earlier, Facebook had made it known to the world just last week that it would be cracking down on hate speech.

At that time, their marketing department claimed that because of advertisers’ concerns, hateful speech could no longer be seen on Facebook.

Facebook: “There have been concerns that marketers have had that are wide-ranging around digital, and we want to do everything we can to ensure that we are providing the safest environment for publishers, advertisers and for people that utilize the platform,”

Doesn’t look like that has been solved at all then.


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