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Police Man Retires After Leaving Fecal Matter Around The Office

A police officer has retired following a scandal where the head of the Omaha police unit in charge of bomb denotation was accused of leaving his fecal matter laying around the Omaha Public Safety Training Center.

Omaha Police Sgt. Matthew Manhart was in charge of the department's bomb response unit and was accused of leaving his own fecal matter where another manager would find it at the training center.

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Three sources with knowledge of the incident confirmed the Sgt. was leaving fecal matter for people to find although reports varied as to exactly where he would leave it. Sources did say Manhart had raised concerns over the storage and care of the bomb squad's equipment at the training center and accused a facility worker of unplugging equipment that was supposed to be charging. Manhart was 49 when he suddenly retired recently, which coincidentally allows him to collect all of the retirement benefits despite the way he left. He will also be eligible for all unused vacation and sick leave.

Manhart happens to be close friends with the police chief as both were in the 1996 recruiting class but neither would comment claiming it's a personal matter. Even Sgt. John Wells, head of the Omaha police union, said "As a matter of process, I do not comment on any administrative or personnel matter that has not been appealed." Wells went on to say, "A man retiring when he is eligible to retire? I don’t think that’s newsworthy."

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Anonymous No. 8324 2017-09-19 : 16:30

Can you please just say he pooped on or near someone's desk? "Leaving fecal matter" sounds so fake newsy.

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