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Nancy Pelosi Pro-DACA Event Crashed By Immigration Reform Demonstrators

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had organized a news conference on Monday in her home town of San Francisco when a group of over 60 young people stormed in chanting pro-immigration slogans. Pelosi planned the conference to urge passage of the Dream Act which protects immigrants that were brought into the country illegally but as children.

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The more than 60 protesting youth that showed up interrupted the news conference with chants like, "All of us or none of us," "Democrats deport." "We are not a bargaining chip." The loud protest went on for almost an hour after which Pelosi and her fellow House Democrats Barbara Lee of Oakland and Jared Huffman had enough and left since the carefully planned event had come out of control. The protesters first began to file in when Pelosi had finished her opening statement which was to be followed by several planned speeches from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, which the Trump administration discontinued just last week.

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The outraged, self-entitled youth who interrupted the event did more to harm their case than help. They made DACA recipients look uncaring, loud and entitled because the only thing they interrupted was other DACA recipients who were going to give planned speeches on behalf of furthering the program. The public and the members of the government who this planned event was trying to convince needed to hear the stories and see that these are people too, not crash an event that was planned on their own behalf.

Pelosi stopped to talk to the press before leaving, "This group today is saying don’t do the Dream Act unless you do comprehensive immigration reform. Well, we all want to do comprehensive immigration reform. … I understand their frustration — I’m excited by it as a matter of fact — but the fact is, they’re completely wrong."

Luis Angel, one of the youth that showed up to protest, is afraid that the negotiations for DACA recipients will sell out the other 11 million undocumented immigrants who are residing in U.S. without legal status.

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