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Kansas Sheriff's Office REFUSES to Release Mugshots of Child Molesters

The single most horrific crimes involve those committed by pedophiles and child molesters who harm children through both sexual exploitation and rape mentally and physically traumatizing innocent boys and girls for life.

There's no punishment available to give justice to the monsters who wouldn't target children, because they deserve a slow a painful death until they can no longer survive from the agonizing misery of torture; but of course the criminal justice system doesn't allow for such a means.

There isn't a soul alive that doesn't wish to see child molesters and pedophiles suffer in horror due to the nature of their demonic and evil crimes, except apparently a Sheriff’s Office in Kansas that now seems to enact a policy to protect these vile and disgusting creatures.

In Lawrence, Kansas, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is now refusing to publicly release booking mugshots of the monsters who are accused of child sex crimes, using the guise that in doing do it could help identify the victims.

That's not an argument, the victims are already tormented and these pedophile bastards need to have their faces plastered all across the news for the world to see who they are and what they're responsible for.

Due to a provision in Kansas state law, where specific jailers are allowed to pick and choose which mugshots of what criminals they are able to publicly release, this specific Sheriff's Department are hiding behind the claim of victimhood as an excuse.

Now some of you may be thinking, well, <i>that argument makes sense what's the problem?</i>.

That argument doesn't make sense, because in the State of Kansas all victims of crimes minors or adults have their names published in the local newspapers and on the court websites already. So the Sheriff's Office is not cloaking this information to help the victim at all; instead they're hiding the disgusting pedophile.

The Sheriff's Office has said that new policy is already being used in two cases, including at least one where the suspect was involved for years in youth sports, to shield the pedophile from future lawsuits or identification from parents whose children may have been exposed to the monster.

That specific pedo case had a suspect who was a coach with youth league baseball in the city and the softball program.

That pedophile was charged last month with several counts of rape, sodomy, and other offenses against minor children.

The charges I'm that particular case involve a single victim, but the case has left some parents with questions, since the suspect has had allegations in the past but due to his alleged family connections to a State Senator, it's believed he was able to avoid prosecution from the District Attorney until now.

The second case where the Sheriff's Office is protecting the pedophile involves a disgusting creature who was just convicted last month on multiple counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child.

Kansas state law eventually will require that man to register as a sexual offender in an online registry which is maintained by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, but the timing of that registration remains unclear.

“Our goal in law enforcement is to effectively prevent and solve crimes and prosecute criminals, but at the same time protect victims and to not re-victimize someone that has been a victim of something as horrible as a sexual assault by identifying them to the public,” Sgt. Kristen Channel said in an email.

Several open government advocates have made the argument that while everyone is in agreement that protecting the identity of the young sexual assault victims is important, there is very little in the wake of an argument to suggest how releasing of booking photos of the perpetrators identify the victims.

“I think that logic is too attenuated to be persuasive,” said Adam Marshall, an attorney for the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

I believe everyone with a slight drop of common sense realizes what's going on, and that's an attempt to hide the pedophiles from the public.


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