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Auburn University Student Sodomized and Raped on Shuttle Bus by Two 'Tiger Transit' Drivers

The Auburn Police Department says they've made two arrests after a female student was raped on a campus shuttle bus at Auburn University.

32 year old James Don Johnson and 51 year old Tony Martin Patillo, both employees of First Transit, which is a company that operates Tiger Transit for Auburn University, have been arrested in the horrific sexual assault of the student.

These two vile creatures are charged with first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy in connection with the attack that happened Friday night on the campus shuttle to the innocent 18 year old girl.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Two Tiger Transit employees charged with rape, sodomy<a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; The Auburn Plainsman (@TheAUPlainsman) <a href="">September 18, 2017</a></blockquote>

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At around midnight on Friday Auburn Police received a call about a black male exposing his genitals standing over a woman in the 700 block of Aspen Heights Lane in Auburn.

Once the Officers had arrived on the scene, they discovered Patillo near the road and detained him into custody for the indecent exposure.

At that time they were unable to locate the female in which the caller had described, but Patillo was arrested on four counts of public lewdness and taken to the Lee County Jail in what police had thought was just a case of a dirty old man.

However the officers later located witnesses who described seeing the woman getting onto a bus near Magnolia Drive in Auburn.

Police then tracked the routes, and found Johnson still driving one of the Auburn University Tiger Transit buses who had denied any knowledge of seeing a man and a female together.

Detectives were finally able to locate the woman who then told them she had been raped and she identified one of the men as Patillo who they'd previously taken into custody.

The woman, who had been either drugged or intoxicated, was lured into the bus by the two criminal savages with the promise of giving her a ride where she needed to go, and then the two men took advantage of her inebriation and raped her while she was in a fragile state of mind and nearly unconscious.

Johnson was allegedly driving the bus at the time of the incidents, while Patillo first raped the woman in the back while the vehicle was moving.

Investigators say Johnson engaged in actions that appear to “perpetuate the crime”, suggesting that the two men lured her onto the bus with the intent of taking advantage of her and then took turns sexually assaulting and sodomizing her.

The sexual assault continued until they finally arrived to Aspen Heights Lane where Johnson let both the victim and Patillo off the bus.

It was at that point when law enforcement believes that the emergency 911 caller witnessed Patillo standing over the woman with his genitals exposed.

The two disgusting rapist thugs, hired by Auburn University to drive transit for the school, saw an opportunity to take advantage of a woman who was alone and high and then pounced on her like the rabid animals they are.

Patillo, a Columbus, Georgia native, is now being detained on $127,000.00 bond while Johnson, of Auburn, was taken into custody at his home and has a $125,000.00 bond.

Each of the two criminals will be housed in the Lee County Jail until their arraignment later this month.

Auburn University and Tiger Transit has so far refused to comment.


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Anonymous No. 8286 2017-09-18 : 21:09

Typical black behavior, not unexpected. Even worse, and farther reaching is that these young women have been taught all their lives that they can 'take care of themselves' and blacks are just like us, but a different color.

Anonymous No. 8289 2017-09-18 : 22:29

It is quite amazing that push hasnt come to shove yet. But when it does wew lad there is going to be a pile of fecal colored skin and large noses the likes of which the world has never seen.

Beggar's belief No. 8339 2017-09-20 : 01:43

The caller was awesome for getting these apes back into cages.

nancy No. 93795 2019-02-09 : 19:17

it's very sad what nonwhite males have done to get back at white society. and using their 'junk' (very junky) to do it in so many cases. interesting enough, many of them have oversized packages which came from BREEDING for that in Africa, and maybe even over here. proof positive? primate private parts are quite small, and if you don't dig evolution, biblical age body parts were not so big either.

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