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Texas Woman Shoots, Kills her Sleeping Boyfriend then Dismembers him with Machete

Investigators in Baytown, Texas say that they've made an arrest in one of the most graphic acts of violent murder they've seen in decades, comparing the crime to something “out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.

The Baytown Police Department has arrested 30 year old Cierra Alexis Sutton for the murder of 32 year old Steven Coleman which happened in August at Briarwood Village Apartments in Baytown.

Cierra Alexis Sutton has been charged with the murder which police say occurred on the 1700 block of James Bowie Drive, where it is believed that Sutton first shot her jilted lover before using a machete to chop him into tiny pieces, limb from limb, and then attempting to dispose of his scattered body parts in nearby dumpsters.

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Friends of Sutton have told detectives working the case that she not only admitted to shooting Coleman after they were in an argument, but doing so while he was asleep in their bed.

She bragged to some of those friends that because his body was too heavy to carry, she then used the machete to chop his corpse into smaller fractions that way she could toss out his unwanted body piece by piece.

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One of Coleman's lifelong friends as well as an acquaintance of Sutton agreed to speak on the matter, and Dominique Clark said that everyone is not only shocked that Sutton could have committed such a heinous act but that Sutton “could even be possessed”.

"Devil. That's the mind of a bad spirit," Clark said. "That's not a normal mind. That's not a mind of God. That's not one of God's children.

Police found various parts of Coleman’s body in different landfills, at one point locating what appeared to be his torso at Chambers County garbage disposal site.

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Before the torso was found, Clark said Sutton stayed with Coleman's family as they looked for their missing loved one.

"She played the role of an innocent person," Clark said. "She played the role of an innocent person, and she played it to the fullest."

After he was reported missing, Sutton was captured on security surveillance footage at a Harris County Walmart using his credit cards to purchase a mattress pad and duct tape.

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According to investigators they began to suspect Sutton had knowledge of her missing lover by the end of August, at which time they asked to search the home on the 24th.

However according to witnesses just a few days prior Sutton and unidentified friends were moving all of the furniture out of the home, in what appears to be an attempt to remove evidence of the crime.

During the initial search the crime scene investigators did find blood in several rooms, including the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen; but when investigators searched Sutton’s Jeep and found blood they knew that they were close onto the trail to finding who was responsible.

During an interview with the detectives, one of Coleman's friends told them that Coleman "told her on numerous occasions if he was ever to go missing, she needed to make sure police looked into Sutton as the cause," according to court documents.

Law enforcement also say they attempted to interview Sutton on countless occasions where she would either not show up or avoid their calls.

Eventually third parties tipped off investigators to the confessions from Sutton which led authorities to make the arrest.

When asked about Coleman, Clark said that he will not be forgotten as his loved ones await justice.

"He was an original," Clark said. "He was a unique guy. One of those you walk in the room and you can't help but notice."

"I thank God every day for even giving me the opportunity to experience a person like that," Clark said. "I will never meet a person like that ever again."

Once investigators had their suspect, Sutton had fled the state to avoid facing prosecution.

Law enforcement in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana were able to apprehend her, where she's now being held in Metairie awaiting extradition to Texas to face trial.


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