By: Savannah Smith | 12-22-2016 | News
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U.S.Has No Moral Ascendancy To Complain About Electoral Interference"

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A former Republican lawmaker has some news for perpetually whining President Obama, as well as to Hillary Clinton and the rest of Democrats who are still in denial of Hillary's crushing loss- that is, to complain that Russia interfered in the U.S. elections is a case of the the pot calling the kettle black.

Ron Paul who himself thrice attempted to get to the White House said that the truth is the U.S. simply does not have the moral ascendancy to complain of interference in its election because the U.S. is interfering with other elections all the time. Paul did not mince words as he said: " If you review the history of how many elections we've been involved with, how many countries we have invaded and how many people we've killed to have our guy in, I'll tell you what- we do 't have much room for condemning anybody else."

Paul, who sought the presidency twice as a Republican and once as a Libertarian, still believes that in the final analysis whatever Russia has done is " insignificant" and that it made no difference in the election result. Making a big deal of the alleged interference, Paul thinks is just a loser's excuse. " When you lose, you jump on that and make a big point of it", Paul said.

The Republican also reiterated that election subterfuge is a symptom of big governments, and that spying and interference is part of the nature of powerful governments. For Paul, it will be better in that sense to see " smaller governments".

President Obama made a big issue out of the alleged Russia interference in the U.S. election citing reports from CIA that say the election was skewed in favor of President-elect Donald Trump. Obama has directed further and complete report on the matter, which he hopes to get before he leaves the White House. The outgoing President also threatened to retaliate against Russia for the so-called interference, saying the action would happen " at a time and place of our choosing."

Hillary Clinton, her staff and allies also jumped on the issue to explain their loss, and observers say, as an attempt to "delegitimize" the incoming presidency of Trump. Democrats and their supporters have also used the Russia election interference card in their attempts to have electors in the Electoral College shift their votes from Trump to Clinton. They have, of course, miserably failed as the electors delivered a convincing win for Trump, while a historic number of Democrat electors rejected Hillary.

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