By: Steve Dellar | 09-18-2017 | News
Photo credit: US Air Force

US Flies Stealth Bombers to North Korea

In a clear showing of force, the U.S. Military command informed the press today that a group of advanced bombers accompanied by stealth jets would be flying over the Korean Peninsula and near Japan in drills with South Korean and Japanese warplanes on Monday, just three days after North Korea fired an intercontinental cruise missile over Japan.

In this time of heightened tension with North Korea such a move by the US air force is hardly surprising.

The Air Force strategic command informed that two B-1Bs and four F-35Bs from the U.S. military joined up with four F-15K fighter jets from South Korea to conduct drills which included the release of live weapons at a firing range, and confirmed its participation in a training run together with Japanese fighter jets over waters near the Japanese island of Kyushu.

The conservative party members in South Korea’s parliament meanwhile have stated their desire for a reintroduction of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons in the South, just as Japanese lawmakers have been considering recently. (See our article here: )

However the liberal government of current President Moon Jae, who consulted on the issue with US President Trump over the weekend, stated that there was no such intention within the ruling party at this moment.

Back in North Korea, Dictator Kim Jung Un stated that his goal "is to establish the equilibrium of real force with the U.S. and make the U.S. rulers dare not talk about military option"

We can only estimate that Kim is recovering from being called the ‘rocket man’ in Trump’s tweet of this weekend.

It read: “I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night. Asked him how Rocket Man is doing. Long gas lines forming in North Korea. Too bad!”

In sending this out, Donald Trump combined an obvious taunt aimed at the pride of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with the assertion that the country’s citizens were getting hit by the latest round of sanctions hitting petrol supplies in the country.


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