By: Steve Dellar | 09-18-2017 | News
Photo credit: Daily Mail | The Sun | Instagram | The Goldwater

VIDEO: London Bomb Update - These Are The Terrorists

Though the left leaning BBC and The Guardian newspaper are still refusing to release any details about the identity of the perpetrators, though the police will still say nothing in view of the ongoing investigation, though UK politicians are refusing to confirm that the 18 year old was known to police, our colleagues from the Daily Mail and The Sun newspaper have been skimming their sources and found out quite a lot in the last few hours.

There are two suspects now. An 18 year old refugee from Iraq, who had been arrested before but was then released by police, a fact that was hinted at in President Trump’s first tweet about the bombing, and a 21 year old refugee from Syria, known as Yahyah Faroukh.

Both youngsters had stayed in the foster home of Ms Penelope Jones, 71 years old, and her husband Ronald, 88 years old

We have obtained a video via a CCTV camera from one of the neighbors of Mr and Mrs Jones, which shows the 18 year old, in a grey top and red beanie, carrying the Lidl bag containing the bomb as he is making his way to the station where he would carry out his hideous act last Friday.

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According to the neighbor, the footage was recorded less than two hours before the bomb blasted through the train at Parsons Green station.

The second terrorist is called Yahyah Farroukh, a 21 year old refugee from Syria who arrived in the UK in 2013. He lived in the house near Heathrow airport.

A witness saw him getting arrested yesterday: 'The guy had just walked past the takeaway when three blokes and a woman came running past and he was rugby tackled to the floor. My mates and I thought he was getting jumped. We were going to help him but they shouted 'undercover police' so we stepped back.'

He had been placed with the Joneses foster parents, who had been looking after children from war zones all their life since 2013. Last year he moved to a flat by himself.


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