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The Infiltration of America by International Communists - Next Chapter: Renaming Schools

The slow subversion of America, which has occurred for a century now, is nearing the final phases of perpetual cultural marxist infiltration.

The end goal is as it was and always has been, to establish control through international Communism.

The tactics being used are the same techniques which have been used in prior centuries across the globe to infiltrate and then subvert the governance whilst creating chaos through distractions as well as divide and conquer.

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It's brilliant, in the sense that it's actually working, as traditional normalcy is tossed out the window for radicalized and progressive ideals are perpetuated just to see how far the old guard will allow the overton window to be pushed.

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The same tactics that Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and the Bolsheviks used to seize power and force-crumble the traditional populist ideological views of those living at the time; are now being used in America to bring about the utter destruction of American values.

The cultural marxist indoctrination teams, in example professors and teachers, first subvert the youth through progressive stances and diversity memetics that eventually train the young minds to fear being labeled as bigot or racist or homophobic; so those growing brains accept the progressive nature that they're presented with.

Then at the very same time, media and entertainment, both also being controlled and owned by the same financiers as of those in “higher education”, shove degeneracy down the throats of Americans in an attempt to normalize what would otherwise be seen as severe mental illness.

We're talking pedophilia, transgender issues, perverse sexual fetishes, identifying as sexual animals such as cats or dogs; you get the picture already.

Those marxists which in turn are also the globalists (hence the term international Communism) then have society so torn and twisted that it creates a controlled opposition narrative (whether intentionally or unintentionally) in which American citizens choose a side without realizing they're playing the role predetermined for them to participate in.

Let me explain, currently there's a culture war ongoing in America. It is a civil war, it's just not nearly as bloody as a civil war would be in the historical sense that most Americans picture the fighting would be like in their mind.

You see, those cultural marxists, of whom want utter chaos and catastrophe, are able to push forth with their behind the scene global ploys by manipulating the general public with distractions.

You in turn have the highly indoctrinated Anarcho-Communist progressives marching demanding that their mentally ill values become the new norm, whilst the old guard and traditional values Nationalists are then forced to play defense and protect their culture and identity because it's under assault.

Neither side realizes however, that those at the top actually want this. When the two sides are fighting in the streets against one another they're distracted, not focusing on the true enemies or their nature.

In fact, it's a divide and conquer scheme that simply cannot be defeated because it's so brilliant.

The two sides legitimately begin to hate one another, to the point that there are clashes in the streets, and rightfully so; because each side feels as if they're fighting to protect or change the future.

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Meanwhile during the chaos, the cultural marxist financiers, the hidden hands in the shadows; are able to set forth their narrative and influence policy in government while the people below them are literally throwing punches at one another.

How does this benefit those at the top? Well they want complete and utter control, and when the citizens of a nation are begat against each other in a way that causes death or destruction or violence, those at the top can use the opportunity to attempt to force new legislation onto the books to use the argument of <i>never again</i>, with various rhetoric such as <i>that they're trying to stop hate speech and bigotry related crimes</i>.

When such changes in law are made it further removes liberties from Americans, such as chipping away at the First Amendment and free speech.

When tools that benefit the citizens are removed from the people, it makes them unable to criticize the leadership in the future.

See how that works? It's playing directly into their hands; and it's not the people's fault because they genuinely have strong emotions about whichever side of history they're fighting for.

This is why we continue to see statues and monuments being threatened for removal in America.

Each and every time, it enables the progressive cultural marxist indoctrinated Communist scum of the far left to feel like they're accomplishments are increasing, so they want to continue their reign of what they depict as winning.

At the same time, it forces the traditional defenders of liberty and identity to have outrage and clash against those who are pushing forth to remove that which is held dear to them.

Meanwhile the attempts to rewrite history are then fulfilled, irregardless, because the leadership of the local communities were infiltrated decades ago so the bloodshed and fighting in the streets only delays the inevitable because control is already in the hands of the Marxist.

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Are we painting a pretty picture for you yet? I certainly hope so.

The problem for those radicalized Anarcho-Communists and far left progressives would be that they don't realize they're being the useful idiots of those at the top.

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In fact, once all the statues are down, they'll come for the buildings. Once the buildings are renamed and under their control they'll come for the businesses.

They'll use the same tactics, they'll find businesses owned by men and women whose ancestors may have owned slaves, and shame those people into selling the business or if they refuse they'll firebomb or riot and bust out the windows until in the end they are forced to give it up.

It's already happening, and it's happened before on other continents in the same fashion as it's pertaining to grow here.

You didn't think <i>seizing the means of production</i> was just a meme, did you?

Of course not. While time is of the essence those at the top are incredibly patient. They've been doing this across the globe for many centuries, the next generation picking up where the previous left off.

Once tragedy occurs, and it will from time to time since the debate has moved from talking to fighting in the streets; it will be used each time to further remove Americans of rights, as we've seen since Charlottesville where freedom of speech on the internet is literally on its way to the gallows.

Now that most of the historic Confederate statues are already taken down, they're moving on to school districts and buildings which were named after prominent American Presidents and leaders throughout our history.

Dallas city school districts are currently contemplating renaming schools which were named after Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison to mention a few.

Dallas Independent School District included schools named after three of America’s Founding Fathers on a list of schools that the district is exploring renaming.

The DISD Board met just this past Thursday night and actually named twenty individual schools which they want renamed.

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I wasn't joking or exaggerating when I told you statues were only the beginning. There are levels and phases to this.

It appears we're heading into the next chapter now, and mark my words there will be blood to help promote the removal of more freedoms as the pages turn.

This is how it works. This is international Communism. This is what you're up against.

Know your enemy.

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